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Top 10 Places in Arunachal Pradesh for Snowfall

The literal definition of Arunachal Pradesh is a “land of the dawn-lit mountains”. During the winter season these snow capped mountains and other such chilly places in Arunachal Pradesh for snowfall are a sight to behold. Located in the easternmost part of the Indian subcontinent, there are tonnes of places to see snowfall in Arunachal pradesh. Out of these we shall list out the top 10 best places in Arunachal Pradesh for snowfall. With its Gushing pristine waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and enchanting mountain tops the spell bounding scenic beauty of this treasure trove is truly of unmatched allure.

10 Best Places in Arunachal Pradesh for Snowfall

Let’s explore places where you can find snow in Arunachal Pradesh.

1) Bomdila

Bomdila Snowfall
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Bomdila is the one of the top places in Arunachal Pradesh for snowfall if you are looking out for a stunning view of the snow clad Himalayan mountain ranges. It is located 8000 feet above the sea level. The cool climate is enjoyable and so are the apple orchards and the beautiful surroundings. Bomdila is well connected from all cities in Assam. You could reach here through state run buses or hire a cab from Assam. NH13 is the national highway connected to this city. The nearest airport is Tezpur Airport and it is also connected to Kolkata via Guwahati. You could hire a prepaid taxi from Tezpur to reach Bomdila.

2) Tawang

Tawang Snowfall
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With Tibet to its north, Bhutan to the southwest, Sela mountain range to its West and Kameng to its east,Tawang is the second best snowfall destinations in Arunachal Pradesh. It is a popular tourist destination of Arunachal Pradesh and it never fails to captivate you with its scenic beauty. It is situated 10000 feet above the Sea Level and has a view of stunning lakes around it. It has a 400-year-old Tawang monastery which is the oldest and largest monastery in India. The nearest Railway Station is Tezpur Railway Station. Tourists need to hire a cab from Tezpur railway station (TZTB) to Tawang or travel to Bomdila first and take a bus or cab from there to Tawang.

3) Mayodiya Pass

Mayodiya Pass snowfall
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Mayodia Pass is situated about 56 km away from Roing in Arunachal Pradesh about 2,655 m above sea level and and at the Indo-China border. The name Mayodia is because of a Nepali girl, Maya who was unfortunately lost in the snow and was untraceable. Snowfall starts here in November and continues till April. However, the snowfall is heaviest in January and February. Thus, it is the most desired destination for those who wish to witness the magic of snowfall. 

4) Ziro

Ziro Snowfall
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Ziro is an ideal place for snow-trekking in Arunachal Pradesh. It is one of the most blissful hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh. The undulating terrains are adorned with pitch green forests which decorate its scenic view. Strolling through the pine forest at the edge of the paddy fields will calm your stressed nerves.

5) Pasighat

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Pasighat is recognised as the oldest town in Arunachal Pradesh and is situated at a height of 152 m. With the beautiful Siang River blissfully gushing through the rock-strewn snow capped mountains of Pasighat and a variety of flora and fauna there are abundant natural wonders in this quaint snowy town of Arunachal.

6) Sela Pass

Sela Pass Snowfall
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Sela Pass is the connecting junction of Arunachal Pradesh to the rest of India. It is located at a height of 2244 m  from the sea level and it is adorned enchantingly with natural lakes having crystal blue pristine water, along with snow capped mountain peaks with little green grasslands stretching across the landscape of this  stunning getaway. Walking on the snowy Sela pass in Arunachal Pradesh during the winter seasons towards the year’s end turns into an extremely pleasing experience when you can feel the freezing moving clouds touch you.

7) Dirang

Dirang Snowfall
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Dirang is a great hill station in Arunachal Pradesh and is situated at an elevation of 4910 ft above the sea level on a picturesque valley between Bomdila and Tawang. The freezing river air blows over this snowy land of kiwi and apple orchards.

8) Hayuliang

Hayuliang Snowfall
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The merging of Lohit and Delai Rivers is the main highlight of this place. This town is famous for its cool and pleasant weather with a cool environment. Tiny hammocks are nestled amidst the snowy hills where tranquility hardly goes unnoticed.


9) Mechuka

Mechuka Snowfall
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It is situated at an altitude of 1829 m above sea level and is a perfect getaway for endless fun. With the Siyom River running through this valley the serenity it beholds is boundless.

10) Daporijo

Daporijo is an unexplored place of Arunachal Pradesh with rich ethnic diversity and is at an elevation of 600 meters above sea level. Its calm and snowy atmosphere with pleasant weather makes it a perfect retreat for all city dwellers.

Surprisingly, the beauty of this tranquil getaway is still natural and unspoiled. Devoid of the chaos of the mundane city life, there are many snowfall places in Arunachal Pradesh.

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