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10 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam also called as Vizag is no less than other towns in India. With the party season just around the corner you can feel the best vibe and new year party pulse here. People have already begun hunting and reserving places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in visakhapatnam and so should you! Here is a list of top 10 places that’ll make it simpler for you, so that you have the best experience to go party with your gang or families as the year comes to an end.

Top 10 Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Visakhapatnam

Let’s have a look at the top 10 places to celebrate new year’s eve in Visakhapatnam.

1) Marco Polo

Marco Polo, Vizag
PC : www.andhraonline.in

The best place to celebrate new year in Visakhapatnam, Marco Polo is a party destination that attracts all kinds of people locals, foreigners and tourists alike. The bar area is quite appealing and its architecture allows the customers to feel relaxed. There is a positive vibe to this place that lights up your mood. As the new year night grows dark this place turns happening and cool.

2) Mustang Bar

Mustang Bar, Vizag
PC : http://hotelgreenpark.com

Celebrate new year in Visakhapatnam uncensored. Situated in Hotel Green Park its bar allows stag entry and the music offered is soothing. They also have Live band performances and offers spacious sitting space that can accommodate large crowd gathering on hectic nights. Located in the central area of Visakhapatnam, it becomes convenient for visitors.

3) Woodhouse

Woodhouse, Vizag
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Organizes the best new year events in Visakhapatnam, Woodhouse has an amazing bar & pub. Hit this place as the sun dips down to enjoy peppy music with amazing cocktails. Tagged among the most happening places in the city due to its Live band performances and comfortable sitting arrangement it makes the customers feel comfortable. With great liquor, food menu and charged up ambience this place is a heaven for party freaks.

4) The Bheemili Resort By Accor Hotels

The Bheemili Resort By Accor Hotels, Vizag
PC : www.tripadvisor.in

If you want to have a new year party in Visakhapatnam by the sea with subtle music great location, lovely view of the ocean and excellent service with a scrumptious buffet head straight to this place. It is best to visit with a group of close friends and family. You could even book their well kept luxury rooms for a laid back ocean view new year’s day. If a peaceful lingering new year is your thing head here but first do ensure to check the availability before visiting the place.

5) Ambica Sea green

Ambica Sea green, Vizag
PC : www.tripadvisor.in

Best new year celebration in Visakhapatnam can be witnessed at the rooftop party held here with great music and awesome food. They serve Unlimited good quality liquor and lip smacking cuisine on the New Year’s Eve. Apart from the this, a fashion show and good DJ will not let you down. Go with your family or friends to have a memorable evening.

6) Novotel, Varun Beach

Novotel, Varun Beach 
PC : www.booking.com

This place hosts different themed parties for guests with different taste in music and food on the new year’s eve. A poolside party with live Bollywood numbers and an ample food menu just can’t be missed.

7) The Park

The Park, Vizag
PC : www.theparkhotels.com

It organizes the best new year parties in Visakhapatnam with its scintillating performances by International singers and artists. It has a vibrant decor with mind blowing music played and gourmet delights. The plus is an open bar with best beverages available for all customers. What more? Laser Show! It has the city’s biggest dance floor and the Bollywood twist awaits your presence.

8) Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points by Sheraton, Vizag
PC : www.conferencevenue.in

For families especially, this place offers you good ambiance with a parade of luxury dishes to gorge on. They have Live music performed by renowned singers and quality food with great liquor on new year’s eve, all this will family safety is a plus.

9) Dusk

Dusk, Vizag
PC : http://foodrhythms.com

They have the new year offers in Visakhapatnam and its location close to the sea makes it all the more better. Spend a lovely night with great ambiance and attractive bar. Designed in a way that the aura stays illuminated one can access the great food & drinks menu which has exclusive items. Enjoy the sea breeze as the night grows. Tag along your partner and enjoy great food, music and a cozy moment to cherish your new year at this place in Vizag.

10) The Gateway Hotel

Business hotel in Visakhapatnam
PC : https://gateway.tajhotels.com

Your new year’s eve in Visakhapatnam is made grand and luxurious by this hotel. Listed among the most popular luxury hotels in Vizag it is located just opposite Varun beach. It is one of the best places in Vizag to have a great time especially if you love an experience of luxury mixed with class. Pamper your senses with cocktails served here. They have a vibrant liquor menu of international brands and amazing cuisine with exemplary service. You won’t get a more classy, subtle and calm place like this in all of Vizag.

So, no more second guessing. Keep your party arsenal ready and go grooving at these top 10 places with no regrets as the new year begins.

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