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10 Reasons to Buy/Renew Car Insurance Policy Online in India

You are smoothly cruising down the road when suddenly you are jolted awake to the fact that you haven’t renewed your car insurance policy. You ponder over how to renew your old policy or buy a new one with another company. But you are completely at sea as to where to start, and you also don’t want to go back through the whole hassle with your insurance agent. So what will you do?

With the whole world spearheading towards a more digital world, there is no doubt that buying a policy online is the new kid in the town. Let’s look at why it is beneficial to buy car insurance online.

1. Buy the policy according to your convenience

You no longer have to rush up to an insurance office in between 9-5. You can buy an insurance policy at any time according to your convenience. The service will be available 24×7. You can buy it on the go, anywhere, anytime.

2. Save money from employing middlemen

If you are buying a policy from an insurance agent, the insurance company will be paying for the agent and other documentation processes involved. This will also indirectly affect the amount you will be paying. When you are buying the policy online, you are buying it directly from the company. The costs incurred due to the middlemen can be avoided.

3. Multiple options

You are not just limited to one company when it comes to buying the policy online. You can research through many companies and their various policies and choose the one the suits you the best.

4. Instant help

Most insurance companies offer 24 x7 online chatbots which can clear away most of your prominent and common doubts. They would have dedicated FAQ pages listing out the commonly asked questions.

5. Less paperwork

Opting for an offline insurance policy will involve a lot of tedious paperwork to fill out. You will be endlessly writing your details through square columns, signing your name under every other page all the while wondering about what you are getting into. The online process has completely done away with the whole paperwork.

6. Make better-informed decisions

While reading through any documents pertaining to your policy online, you always have Google as your saviour. If you ever come across terms that you aren’t aware of, you can turn to the online community and ask them for a recommendation rather than solely placing your trust in your insurance agent.

7. Discounts and offers

Discounts and seasonal offers are something virtually unknown in offline policies. Due to the increased competition online, most insurance companies will throw in an occasional discount or offers. So strike when the iron is hot.

8. Easy renewal process

If you are renewing the policy with the same insurance company, it will be only a matter of minutes before you have your renewed policy in hand. Since they already have your details in the database, the process of renewal will be a cakewalk.

9. Protection against malpractices

There are no foolproof ways to ensure that you are not walking into the den of a fraudster agent. Many cases have arisen wherein agents have tricked policyholders. Buying a policy directly from the company will ensure you don’t slip down such pitfalls.

10. Don’t miss the deadlines

If you have configured an autopay function with your bank to pay the premium of your car insurance policy online, you can quickly get your policy renewed on time without moving so much as a finger. That way, you will be protected all the time, and your benefits too will remain intact.

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