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5 Types of Insurance Policies Everyone Should Have

When it boils down to purchasing insurance, the market is packed to the brim with options that might confuse you. Insurance is a necessary requirement but that doesn’t mean you should ever hurry things just because it is important. More so, you should take your time and get through to acquire the best policies that actually help you in the long run. You need just the right number of insurance schemes to cover you during emergencies without taking a lot from your monthly earnings or hampering your savings.

Health Insurance Plans

So, here is a list of all the necessary insurance policies you need to have.

1. Health Insurance

Now, without a doubt, this one insurance policy is very crucial. In the year 2009, more than 60% of the personal bankruptcies all over the world were closely related to the high costs of health issues that came from a lack of health insurance. When buying health insurance plans, you need to remember three distinctive things.

  • Doctors: The first thing you need to ask when getting health insurance is whether this policy is letting you continue your treatment with the current physician. This is because your current doctor knows your medical history, allergies, and so on. This allows for a better treatment protocol.
  • Needs: Regardless of your age, you need health insurance. This is especially true for the kids and elder members of the family with a history of chronic health ailments. So, if you seek low health care cost for your family or even yourself assess the requirement and get your insurance accordingly.
  • Cost: Now, you can only afford to invest a certain percentage of your earning for your insurance requirements. So, make sure you hunt down all the popular insurance policies and research properly to ensure that you save both health wise and money wise.

2. Car Insurance

Now, this might be invalid if you don’t own a car but if you do, almost every state had mandated car insurance. For the ones with an old car, the basic insurance would suffice. However, if you happen to have a fresh new car with high value, it is advised that you should go for insurance for claims against theft or accidents. You can choose from a range of car insurance variants which include liability, collision, personal injury protection, comprehensive, and Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist. Also, check out a quick guide to buying car insurance.

3. Homeowner’s/Renter’s Insurance

The Renter’s insurance helps provide you with a cover against theft or damage on personal items present in the apartment. For the urban population, the minimal insurance cost can be worth the immense peace it brings. On the other hand, the Homeowner’s insurance protects a house owner’s valuable items in the house against any theft or damage. However, some insurance policies might not be enough all on its own. So, you might need to add additional policies to the main one such as protection against fires, flooding, fires, and similar disasters.

4. Life Insurance

Now, no one might give it enough attention, however, life insurance is actually very important. This insurance is essential for providing protection to your family if you ever happen to pass way before time. There are several costs associated with things such as mortuary or burial fees. Additionally, if you were the only bread earner of the family, this policy will help your family with financial aid after your death.

5. Disability Insurance

Disability insurance can essentially be dubbed as a policy closely similar to life insurance. It pays you for the time that you weren’t able to properly work due to any disability from events such as accident or health issue. Disability insurance aids you with temporary, permanent, partial, or total disability cover. So, whether you are single, married, live with parents, or anything else, it is important that you get a disability insurance cover.

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