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5 Best Places in India for Rock Climbing

Well, if you are still unaware of one of the adventurous sport rock climbing in India, then let me tell you India is going to surprise you this time. Yes, the country is dotted with quite a number of rock climbing places that offer truly a memorable experience of a lifetime and a beautiful sight from the top that will get stuck to your eyeballs. The awareness for this crazy sport is growing and getting rapid popularity in India.

Top 5 Places in India for Rock Climbing

Here are the top 5 best rock climbing destinations in India that you must try if you are a real rock climbing enthusiast :

1. Sar Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Rock Climbing in Sar Pass

The Sar Pass in the Himachal Pradesh is one of the best destinations for people who dream of rock climbing. When you go all prepared for the trek, the snow clad mountains creates a wonderful scenic beauty. Even in this breathtaking view, rock climbing lovers are passionate to go to the top of the steep cliffs to experience the thrill and excitement of rock climbing. Right there on the pathway, there are mountain streams and beautiful green lush valleys. Considered as one of the difficult rock climbing routes in India, the ideal season to go to the mountains would be during the summer months.

2. Hampi, Karnataka

Rock Climbing in Hampi

When you would ask a rock climbing enthusiasts about the list of places they would want to go to, Hampi in Karnataka would be a name they cannot miss out on. Known as the rock country, it a perfect paradise for all passionate rock climbers. One thing is for sure, that the experience of rock climbing here would be definitely thrilling. The rocks are beautiful and so is the Tungabhadra that flows below. It is a mesmerizing view where the temples peep out right from behind the rocks. Go during the dry months that are within October to February for a liberating experience. If you think the travelling cost will stress your wallet use the Makemytrip flight coupons while booking flights but don’t miss the opportunity.

3. Shey Rock, Kashmir

Rock Climbing in Shey Rock

The paradise of India, Kashmir, is nothing but a beauty itself. The place not only boosts of its elegance but also of the rock climbing experience that is offers. The Shey area allows you to explore the grandeur and beauty of Kashmir. The terrain is just perfect, be it for amateurs or the professional rock climbers. Rock climbing on the unique rock formations along with a glance of the serenity of the surroundings is extremely pleasing. The panoramic view that you could get from the top would make you say that the heavens do fall here.

4. Susunia Hills, West Bengal

Rock Climbing in Susunia Hills

East has got very few rock climbing places, but the one that tops the list is the Susunia Hills in the West Bengal. The sites that are worth watching are the hill fort that had once been built by the Raja Chandra Varma, the river Gandheshwari that keeps flowing below, the extremely beautiful waterfall and the view in overall which is simply stunning. If you are a beginner, then the Susunia Hills is just perfect for you as it remarks itself of being the starting point that leads to an easy climb. The blooming surroundings   are striking too and the best part is that the nearby areas like Jai Chandi, Matha Bura and Purulia also offers an amazing facility for rock climbing.

5. Pavagadh, Gujarat

Rock Climbing in Pavagarh

The Pavagadh Peak is more of an attraction than an adventure spot. Tourists climb up the hills to the Mahakalika temple at the top and have a mind-blowing experience climbing the extreme steep cliffs. To make sure the rush for adventure stays alive, one can also climb up their way to the seven storied fort, the secret cell to witness the beauty of the city from the top. Right there are two water reservoirs, the Dudhiya and the Chhasiya.  The Pavagadh trek in Gujarat can be a wonderful experience of a lifetime and could be one of the treks you have ever experienced.

You have to travel and explore the beauty of rock climbing in the enlisted rock climbing places in India. If you are game, then its time you strike the name from your bucket list.

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