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5 Best Places in India for Hot Air Ballooning

Having seen the Hollywood movies where the hero proposes the girl in a hot air balloon one must have definitely dreamt of a balloon ride when they visit a foreign country. But, now you do not need to go to a foreign country for having a flight in hot air balloon because there are many places in India itself that are offering you this great new experience of floating in air. This concept is new to India but is picking fast and good because the number of adventure seekers in India is no less than any other place in the world.

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Top 5 Places in India for Hot Air Ballooning

If you are really interested in having a hot air balloon ride then here is a list of the places in India that offer you this thrill

1. Lonavala, Maharashtra

Hot Air Balloon in Lonavala
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Lonavala has always been a place for the romantics and this is the reason that so many Hindi films and their songs have been shot in Lonavala. This gem of a place is located in Maharashtra near Mumbai and gives you a great view from the land itself. When you go up in the hot air balloon up to the height of 4000 ft then the scenic beauty becomes almost breathtaking. The lush green hills, the river the amazing terrain, all add to the mystical beauty of Lonavala and this experience becomes one of its kinds. It takes almost an hour up there but it is here that you actually realize that time flies by because when you come down you are left wanting more. You can book the ride with Sky Waltz and it may cost you Rs. 6000 to Rs. 12000 per person.

2. Hampi, Mysore, Bidar, Karnataka

Hot Air Balloon in Hampi
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Karnataka is a beautiful state that offers exotic Western Ghats and the lush green forests for the visitors. But, this is not it. The visitors who are there in the months of December and January can enjoy the four day long hot air balloon festival during which you can enjoy the ride in a basket hung with a balloon that is flying off in the sky like a moving rainbow. You get to do sightseeing and you also can have a great time visiting Hampi and having a look at the ruins of the ancient temples and forts of this place. Hampi has a great historical importance and one must not miss and opportunity of viewing the ruins from such an angle and such a perspective. You get to go up to 5000 ft and remain in air for one hour duration for a charge of 8000 rupees per person.

3. Delhi NCR

Hot Air Balloon in Delhi & Haryana
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The national capital region is one of those unique places that give you all that is glitzy and glittery. The amazing view of the lighted houses throughout the region will keep you mesmerised all through your journey in hot air balloon. If you want to witness the calmness and beauty of nature then too there is a provision in the form of Damdama Lake which give you serene view and peace of mind. You can enjoy this ride with your family in just INR 9000 to 13000 per person. The prices may vary from one company to the other that provides this service of hot air balloon ride. This one hour of journey with your family and friends going to be a ride of the lifetime.

4. Jaipur, Rajasthan

Hot Air Balloon in Jaipur
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Rajasthan is known for its rustic beauty. The barren terrains and the magnificent forts along with colourful and warm people make this place the most amazing place to visit. On top of it if you get to see the aerial view all with your naked eyes then probably that experience is comparable to nothing else in the world. The hot air balloon ride over Pink City is the most marvelous activity that you can enjoy during your visit to Jaipur. The perfect winds and the weather conditions make the trip to the heavens something worth remembering. The children are given concession of almost 50% and can take the ride in INR 6000 per person whereas the adult need to shell out a whooping 12000 rupees for the same ride. This one hour journey is worth the money you spend on it.

5. Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Hot Air Balloon in Agra
PC : www.madhyamam.com

The city of love, Agra where an Emperor made the most marvelous monument Taj Mahal for the love of his life is the perfect choice for any romantic couple to have a hot air balloon ride together. This could create the perfect moment for anyone who is planning on proposing the love of their life. The opportunity of viewing the Taj from the top is just incredible and it should never be missed. The height gained by the balloon is mere 500 feet but it gives the clear view of the Taj. This ride is not too long and you get to stay up there on the balloon for 15 to 20 minutes. You just need to pay a meagre amount to get the most amazing view.

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