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5 Different Types of Fans & Their Uses for Home

Summers are extremely hot in India. To provide relief, you can use fans, but with so many kinds available, how do you decide which sort of fan to buy? Among these choices, each fan is dedicated to varying customer needs and tailored specifications (it can be focused on one’s budget, longevity, and utility in terms of using the fan). You will decide which model is ideally suited to your needs by understanding each type of fan.

Here are some of the most common fans online:


  • Ceiling Fans


As per the consumer’s choice, a ceiling fan comes in a range of sizes and designs to match the interior theme. These fans are more than just practical; they provide cooling comfort and can also deliver a versatile style from room to room as a statement piece. Many modern fans now come with remote control and light features to offer the dual benefit of beauty and usability. These fans are also used as an excellent secondary cooling device. There are brands like Luminous that offer various fans online with remote control operations, LED lights, and a multiple colour choices. They have various ranges such as Aspiration Range, Signature Range, Decorative Premium Range, Performance Range, and so forth.


  • Exhaust Fans


An exhaust fan is a good choice enhance the ventilation of home systems. This fan removes any excess moisture and unpleasant smells from an area and retains freshness indoors. An exhaust fan is compact in size and ideal for installation on a window, wall, or ceiling. It is widely used in bathrooms and kitchens, where excess moisture accumulates due to activities such as bathing, cleaning, washing, and cooking.


  • Table Fans


Table fans are widely used to maintain air circulation and healthy room temperature in homes, shops, and business establishments. This fan is an economical way to get the right cooling comfort according to the homeowners’ tailored requirement and convenience (courtesy of the portability factor), considered to be a great choice for all types of environment. It is one of the most inexpensive fans online. 


  • Pedestal Fans


It is the most versatile and quick summer utility appliance to handle. In design, pedestal fans are compact and deliver the user a customized cooling experience. One can carry it easily from one location to another and adjust the height as required. The fan’s aerodynamic blades ensure superior air ejection and optimum performance. This is one of those fans online that are simple to install, needs no wiring or mechanical intervention, and can be placed to draw in the fresh air near windows. The best thing is that it is possible to use these fans efficiently for indoor and outdoor purposes.


  • Wall Mount Fans


If you are running out of floor space, a wall-mounted fan would be the best in that case. Due to the comfort of installation and ability to take no-space (as it is installed on the wall), these fans are gaining more popularity over time. They can often be found in homes, gyms, workplaces, garages, greenhouses, hospitals, and stores. Wall fans online are common room additions because they save floor space, provide superior air throwing, and ensure excellent air throw.

Reliable companies like Luminous are a good option for choosing a brand for different types of fans online. Offering ingeniously designed and energy-efficient fans, Luminous fans offer great cooling comfort. Still, they will also add a subtle glow to your home with stylish designs. The aerodynamic blades guarantee maximum air delivery, superior air delivery, optimum performance, and durability. They offer a range from designer to high-speed fans, from decorative to standard fans.

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