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7.8 magnitude earthquake strikes near Russia’s Kuril islands; no casualties reported

As per the US Geographical Survey, Kuril Islands of Russia was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 on Wednesday. The Russian island was hit at a depth of around 56.7 kilometers, that is around 1400 kilometers north-east of Japan’s Sapporo. However, no casualties were reported. 

There was a tsunami warning prompted by the authorities which was cancelled later. PTWC (The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre) stated that there was a strong possibility of dangerous tsunami waves within the 1000 kilometer from the epicenter of the earth. The authorities added that earthquakes of such magnitude, in the past, had created tsunamis very far away from the earth’s epicentre. 

Later it was stated that such earthquakes created smaller tsunami waves. They also denied any further threat. 

In a statement of advisory to the coasts of Russia, Pacific Islands, Japan, Wake Island, Northern Marianas, and Hawaii, The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said that there is a potential of tsunami waves measuring less than 0.3m above the basic tide level to hit the coast. 

Meteorological officials of Japan issued zero alerts and stated that there is possibility of slight changes in the tide. Hawaii had a tsunami watch issued which was cancelled later.

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