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MoneyTap is the Success Story of Fintech


Fintech companies have transformed many aspects of the financial world. They are challenging the way traditional banks function by launching products that are increasingly inexpensive and user-friendly. A study claims that India is the world’s second biggest fintech hub, and not so surprisingly Mumbai and Bengaluru are leading the charge. …

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5 Tips for Backpacking Through Europe

Europe 1

From the romantic Paris to electric Amsterdam, to modern Barcelona, to the monumental Rome, there is so much to see in Europe. This multi-lingual continent is filled with wonderful humans, historic architecture, stunning beaches and amazing wine. It all sounds like a dream, just like a paradise! So, for an …

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Airport Lounges: Why to Use Them?

Airport Lounges- Why to Use Them

Travelling is great– airports are not! Regardless of how good the airport is, an unexpected delay or a long layover can leave you bored and exhausted. Wouldn’t it be incredible to have somewhere to unwind, escape the crowds, charge the phone and get something to eat,that doesn’t chew off your …

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