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A massive fire broke out where Deepika Padukone lives; she is safe

A massive fire broke out where Deepika Padukone lives; she is safe

A dangerous level of fire, known as level-3, broke out at BeauMonde Towers, in Mumbai today. Deepika Padukone, the actress lives here in the same apartment in Mumbai’s Worli area.

Although no harm has been reported to any human lives, at least 10 fire tenders, five jumbo tankers, two hydraulic platforms and ambulances were rushed to the spot to contain the fire.

Deepika lives on the 26th floor and tweeted to convey that she is safe and prayed for the firefighters on site. Incidentally, she was not at home, when the fire broke out at 2 pm. Deepika Padukone was away for a shoot at the time of the fire, while some members of her staff members were present at the home.

The fire was a massive one. About 100 residents were safely rescued from the affected tower. Intense heat and fire were felt in some pockets, but it is contained, explained the fire department.

At 5.22 pm, Deepika Padukone twitted to says that she was safe and offered a prayer for the firefighters risking their lives.

Reliable sources say this is the third time the same building has caught fire. Earlier, it was during the construction period of the tower.

According to reports, the fire spread to the left and the rear end of the tower. The top five floors slowly engulfed in smoke. Rescue operations were forced to be halted as the firefighters were struggling to reach the height.

A report says that more than 29 thousand incidents of fire have been reported in the city from the year 2012. Almost 300 people have lost their lives, while around one thousand have been injured. One of the most dangerous fires occurred last year at the city’s Kamala Mills compound on December 29. The fire which initially originated in a pub led to the death of 14 people there.

It has now been said that the police is investigating the cause of the fire. The future course of action to be decided on the investigation, the government says.

Constructed by Sheth Builders, flats at the BeauMonde Towers stretch from 2,000-4,000 sq ft.

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