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Aadhaar Virtual ID(VID) to roll out from July 1, can be used for authentication

Aadhaar Virtual ID rolls out from July 1, can be used for authentication

Aadhaar Virtual ID (VID) is all set to establish itself as the core of element in the country with links established to the bank accounts and even social media such as Facebook for the purpose of verification of identity. This new move towards complete digitization has swooped in to transform the way Aadhaar is used for identity verification. Dated 1st July, the Aadhaar Virtual ID, which is a random 16-digit number that is mapped along with Aadhaar number shall work for digital identification. Users can opt to provide the virtual ID for any kind of verification instead of opting for the actual Aadhaar number. This will effectively bring down the chances of any 3rd party or unauthorized user accessing your details.

The Virtual Aadhaar ID shall only be available for Aadhaar holder for the generation, replacement, and revocation of the same with no access to anyone else whatsoever. It is practically impossible for any user to derive someone’s Aadhaar number by knowing the VID, confirmed a circular that was issued by the UIDAI in the month of January. There shall only be a single valid and active VID for any Aadhaar number for a certain time.

This move has emerged as a perfect plan by UIDAI to implement a multi-layered protocol for security to ensure that the privacy of the users is protected. The Virtual IDs can be used by the individuals to share instead of opting for the original Aadhaar number for the purpose of identity authentication. This will effectively reduce the Aadhaar number collection facilitated by many agencies.

Recent issues of identity theft and Aadhaar duplication have led to the UIDAI installing strict measures to reduce the chances of identity theft or loss of personal information. The Virtual ID is a safe way for verification of one’s identity without revealing the personal information of the cardholder. As of now, the VID can easily be generated from the resident portal of UIDAI.

Apart from the generation of VID, the UIDAI informed Supreme Court in January that another Face ID identification feature would also be introduced for the Aadhaar card holders to allow them access to various services and benefits. This will effectively help the Aadhaar holders with poor or no biometrics that leads to failure of authentication or any kind of financial exclusion. To back this conclusion, Ajay Bhushan Pandey, UIDAI CEO brought forth photographs containing evidence for persons suffering from leprosy as well as the senior citizens who had poor biometrics.

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