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Arvind Kejrival: Will he be the boss again in Delhi?

Arvind Kejrival-Will he be the boss again in Delhi

New Delhi: It is said that the main hurdle in the way of full statehood to Delhi is its CM Arvind Kejriwal himself. The CM has appeared to subdued a little after winning a second term, his tactics have again attracted the public attention. Nowhere in the country, an apex administrative officer was reported to be assaulted on as in Delhi. It witnessed the assault on Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash by a number of the Aam Admi Party (AAP) legislators after he was called to discuss something at Chief Minister’s residence late on night.

The second incident was the dharna by Kejriwal and other AAP leaders in the Lieutenant Governor’s office to pressurize him to intervene in the informal no-work rule being observed by the Indian administrative officers over the incident of manhandling of the Chief Secretary.

This form of protest has received a number of takers. They include several politicians, including West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and an ex-minister, Yashwant Sinha but how much the people of the metro liked it, is yet to test.

People believe that Kejriwal’s roots lie the slum-dwellers and the poorest of the poor sections of the society who have faith in the anti-corruption and pro-common man plank with which he had been advocated.

Even after a lot of controversies, surrounding him and his government, his role in improving the conditions in government schools as well as in providing affordable medical treatment is well appreciated. On the other hand, it is the middle class, which feels uncomfortable about his different brand of politics. His anger or disappointment may be snowballed against him, it is feared.

This group of the elite has its anger against Kejriwal due to his all the time tussles with his so-called political enemies. Not only the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are his targets, he is also at war with his earlier close colleagues like Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan.

Although time and again, other Chief Ministers had also sought a level of Delhi’ assembly at par, they had not been seen engaged in a continuous conflict against the Centre or the Lieutenant Governor of their UT. People believe there are scopes within the parameters set down by the Constitution to act as a successful chief minister.

To keep the State of Delhi out of this imbroglio is convening the mid-term election for the Delhi assembly, maybe along with the Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha.

The last election in Delhi has seen something of an oddity in the sense that it led to the AAP winning 67 of the 70 seats. It was a feat which had never before been achieved in Delhi or any other state of the country. It is more strange that only in the previous year, the ruling party had won all the seven parliamentary seats in the capital.

Though, It is a miracle, but it is a fact that the electorate had reposed full faith in Kejriwal in the belief that he will address to all their problems and will cleanse the state of corruption. Now, its three years, when the faith of the voters will again need to be put on test to see.

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