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Books to follow score good marks in NCERT Solutions For Class 10 Maths

The mathematics syllabus of class 10th is like a gateway to the professional field. The syllabus is set in such a way that makes a student gain knowledge in most of the mathematical fields.

Class 10th maths also play an important role in the selection of stream, in such cases, it becomes very important for a student to score good marks. Before starting the syllabus, students have many doubts – one of the most confusing questions for the mathematics subject is, “Which book should be adopted?”, some of the similar questions are-” Is NCERT enough?”, “Which books should I study from?”, etc.

To get the maximum results in mathematics, you should clear all the confusion as soon as possible. You can’t stand on two boats and pretend, either one will help me to reach the destination. It is not possible, especially with mathematics.

Let me help you out in getting a clear view of the study plan.

Is NCERT Enough?

To be honest, NCERT is more than enough for your high school board examinations. As the CBSE itself states, the question paper is based on NCERT books. Moreover, NCERT books are also highly preferable in competitive exams. The best part of the book is its simplicity. The concepts of this book are explained with so much ease that it creates doubts about providing incomplete education. NCERT simply believes in the quality of content over quantity. If you want to practice more high-level questions, then you can consider solving NCERT exemplar also. The main motive of NCERT behind exemplar is to provide high-level questions to the students. The majority of people don’t practice the whole book and start complaining about it.

Which Reference book is best?

As said earlier, NCERT is the best book for preparation. But many students nowadays consult vedantu class 10 maths notes or other official sites, for eg- any specific competitive exam or engineering preparation. Not only this, but students also want to eradicate a single chance of getting low grades.

In this situation, you will need a reference book too. Although there are many reference books in the market, the best choices are-

  • S Aggarwal Maths Class 10th

This book is published by S. Chand Publication. The author of this book is Dr. R.S Aggarwal, who has written more than 75 books, which ranges from the nursery section to a Master’s degree. The quality of this book can easily be set with his experience of writing books. But this book also follows a structural method, that is very helpful for practice purposes. It also helps a student to know how much a particular topic has been prepared.

  • D Sharma

Dr. Ravi Dutt Sharma, popularly known as R.D Sharma is a well-known mathematical author. The demand for his books continuously makes him the best selling author from recent past years. I would agree that the level of R.D Sharma is a bit higher than R.S Aggarwal. However, this also makes a weak student get frightened by the mathematics subject. As they tackle the hard problems, right from the beginning. You should only consider this book after gaining enough confidence in average level problems.


So what is the best approach to studying? Here is the simple methodology that you should use to prevent any unnecessary problems further. Try to complete whole NCERT and NCERT examples, at least twice. When you have finished the NCERT for the first time you are all set to grab a reference book. But, don’t forget to pay more attention to NCERT before the examinations.

If you ever doubt the capabilities of an NCERT book, just check the questions of the previous year’s papers. I’m sure your all doubts will clear away.

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