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Reasons to Visit Panaji, India

The vibrancy of colors and rich cultural heritage are the things that attract tourists coming from all around the world to visit India. This country has a lot to offer to tourists, thanks to its rich tradition and historical background. The official language in the country is Indian, and English is the official language of communication with tourists. While the country is easily crowded with people and billions of people live in this country, the local citizens are very welcoming and will definitely help to enjoy your traveling experience. There are many festivals and rituals taking place in India that travelers surely want to attend.

Reasons to Visit Panaji, India

Panaji is a city in South India, which is the perfect blend of Indian tradition and modernity. The Mondovi River is flowing in the city, which is surrounded by the local hills. The city has a long historical background and mixes together the elements of Indian culture and Portuguese traditions. Even though a city of only 115000 inhabitants, it’s the capital city of the Goa region in India. The city brings Mediterranean flavors in the Indian setting, which is definitely a reason plus to put this city in your traveling list. Here are some things you shouldn’t miss vising when playing your stay in Panaji, India.


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Panaji is a tourist place visited by many tourists throughout the year. The nearby beaches with long sandy beaches are surely a great way to enjoy the sun and the beautiful weather. The most popular beaches among the locals are Miramar Beach, Dona Paula, and Ashwem Beach. The latter is not very crowded and it’s a very peaceful place to take a rest.

Panaji is full of breath-taking landscapes that photographers will be happy to take a picture of that will surely make long-lasting memories from your trip to India. Near the Miramar Beach is located an exhibition center where visitors can enjoy watching educational scientific movies in the 3D theatre.

The culinary tradition in Panaji is long centuries. The traditional Goan cuisine is usually very spice and it has been influenced by the Portuguese cuisine from colonial times. The food sources are very rich in this city, bearing in mind the fact that agriculture is well-developed in this area, and the city is surrounded by the ocean and the rivers.

The most well-known restaurants where travelers can taste some of the local dishes are Viva Panjim and Daawat. During the colonial times in the 18th century, a new Latin quarter was established. It has remained much of the Portuguese cultural elements that it still has been mistaken for a Mediterranean city.

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