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How to check Traffic e-challan status in Telangana ?

Check Telangana Traffic E-Challan Status

What is e-Challan ?

e-Challan is a spot traffic ticket that is issued by the traffic police of Telangana for violation of traffic rules. You can pay this challan by cash or at e-seva centre or by any online payment method.

Some of the e-Challan Violations are :

1. At No Parking Area
2. Over speed
3. Stop line at traffic signal
4. Wrong U turn
5. Wrong side driving
6. Incorrect plate number
7. Inappropriate number plate design

Recently a new traffic violation has been added by Cyberabad Traffic Police i.e., Vehicle Insurance. Cyberabad Traffic Police have integrated the eChallan system with Insurance Database to check that vehicle owners that do not renew their Motorcycle/Car Insurance on time are issued a E-Challan automatically.

Now you can easily pay Traffic E-Challan online and can also check E-Challan Status. This way you will not have any pending E-Challan as you can check it anytime as it is online its free.

For the information we would like to tell you that violation of “Motor Vehicle Rules and Acts” leads to penalty. Hyderabad/Cyberabad/Telangana traffic police has introdued e-challan and issues e-challan for a M.V.Act violation. You can pay this challan directly by cash at e-seva center online, Via net banking or  by any one of the payment modes specified on the challan.

Types of e-Challans :

There are two types of e-challans :
(1) Generated by the help of Investigation Cameras, which mechanically click the defilement pictures. These pictures will be e -printed on the Traffic e- Challan automatically.
(2) Generated by the help of Digital Cameras i.e., the traffic police take pictures of the defilement on the field. These pictures will be registered and maintained for future reference of that particular vehicle. The Cyberabad or Hyderabad police currently have the record of all the e-challans and defilement evidence of all automobiles.
You can check motor vehicle pending status of e-challan by entering your Vehicle Regn No. or License No. Online.

How to Check Telangana Traffic E-Challan Status ?

Step 1 : Opening the echallan Website

Go to https://echallan.org/publicview/

First Check E-Challan Status by using Vehicle Registration Number(Step 2(a)) or License Number(Step 2(b))

Step 2(a) : Check Telangana Traffic E-Challan Status by Vehicle Registration Number 

Check Traffic E-challan Status in Telangana by Vehicle Registration Number
  • Enter your Vehicle Registration Number
  • Enter the Captcha as displayed
  • Click on GO 

If you have any pending e-challan(s) they will be displayed with all the details.

Step 2(b) : Check Telangana Traffic E-Challan Status by License Number 

Check Traffic E-Challan Status in Telangana by License Number
  • Enter your Vehicle Registration Number
  • Enter the Captcha as displayed
  • Click on GO 

If you have any pending e-challan(s) they will be displayed with all the details.

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  1. I have been handed wrong e challan. The image in challan is not my car. Still I have been handed this e challan. How can I complaint about this.

  2. Dear sir,
    I was driving the bike without helmet on 27-April-2017 and i received without helmet chalan at Bahadurpura police station and the next day 28-April-2017 i paid the chalan at mee seva and my vehicle number TS 12 EE 1512 and i have the reciped copy of paying the chalan and till today’s date the chalan is not Removed from online and know also that is showing same chalan 27-April at Bahadurpura please kindly remove it i paid that chalan at meeseva thankyou

    Your obediently


    . 9052322333

  3. Mohammed abdul imran

    My name is Mohammed abdul imran I was sold my bike but he not transferred and I buy new bike so I haven pay 2700 for registration please do something
    Bike number plate is Ap 13 n 5148

  4. Respected Sir iam cabdriver m.hariprasadrao AP 28tv6707. Janavary17 2018 at 12.20 pm iam bowenpally to suchitra qutbullapur anthe way so issue Bill 1850.00 current iam said so 18_01_2018 repeat bill same amount iam requested 18.1.2018 that side iam no driving please check the statement thanks sir

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