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City Palace : A blend of traditional Rajput and Mughal Architecture

City Palace is the most attractive tourist place in Jaipur city. Jaipur city is also known as Pink city. The place adorns the city as it is located right in the centre of Jaipur. The structure of the palace is very complex and there are many different sections. The palace is known to signify the prestige and pride of the king under whom it was built. Many centuries have passed but this palace is still very beautiful and stands with all its ancient vigour. The palace also houses a well-organized museum which offers people a chance to know about the history and culture of the kingdom related to the palace. This kingdom was famous for the mesmerising blend of the Mughal and the Rajputana style of architecture.

City Palace, Jaipur

City Palace : A blend of traditional Rajput and Mughal Architecture

Let us first know about the history of City Palace.


This palace was constructed by Maharaja Sawai Jai II from 1727 to 1739. This mahal was built when the kingdom got shifted from Amber to Jaipur. This palace includes Chandra Mahal which is very famous because of it ornamentation done in Mubarak Mahal and Sarvato Bhadra.

Cannons @ City Palace, Jaipur

There were other buildings which were constructed later like Pritam nivas, Diwan-I-Aam. Many other beautiful gardens, fountains and decorative arts are constructed in this palace.  This mahal was constructed for the parties and reception of the king which were highly opulent and decorative

Important Places to visit in the Palace

The entrance of the palace is known as Udai pol, it is basically a big gateway of the palace and it is decorated very beautifully. There are other entrances also to this palace-like Virendra pol, Ridhi Sidhi pol and Tripoli gate. There is a museum displayed in which there are costumes of kings and queens, their ornaments, and many other things are put up on display.

City Palace Entrance, Jaipur

Diwan-I-Aam which was meant for the public hearing in which the king could talk to people. There is an art gallery, manuscripts and painting kept which are very interesting to see. The clock tower is also very interesting as it can be seen from other places of the city due to its sky touching height.

DiwaniKhas, City Palace, Jaipur

Diwan-I-Khas is a place where the king used to meet his ministers and personal guests. It is considered to be the most beautiful part of the palace and the centre of attraction are the two big silver jars which are kept at the entrance.


Chandra Mahal is also considered to be one of the most beautiful places. There are other places like mirror palace, Living room, the blue palace, ceremonial hall. Primarily the pink and the white marble are used in the construction of this palace. There are many kinds of gems, jewels, gold and silver which are also used to beautify this palace.

Pritam niwas chowk : On the left of the chowk, is the Pritam Niwas gate and on the right side is the Peacock Gate. The inner court area of the chowk offers access to the entrance of Chandra Mahal. You can find four smaller gates that are decorated with the four season theme and Hindu Gods’ sculptures.

These are some of the important places to visit in the palace. As it is open for the public there are also many shops you can find inside and outside the place where you can get the traditional artefacts, paintings, and many other kinds of stuff and eatables also.


You can plan to visit the City Palace on any day of the week from 9 am to 5 pm.

Ticket Price

Entry Fee to the City Palace is as follows :

Indian : Rs.75/person

Foreign National : Rs.300/person

Address :

Jalebi Chowk, Near Jantar Mantar, Tripolia Bazar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002

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