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Why Jaipur, the State of a royals an ideal holiday destination?

Jaipur has always been one of the most popular destinations for spending the holiday. The beauty of this place attracts lots of tourists from each corner of the world and India. Here is a list of things and places that you should do and visit and it will answer your question, as to why this city is the ideal holiday destination. If you are planning the visit in advance, you can avail cheap flight tickets as well.

Why Jaipur, the State of a royals an ideal holiday destination

Let’s talk about the things to do, first. Here is a list.

1. Go for cycling around Nahargarh fort

The first thing that one should do when in Jaipur is grabbed a cycle and go for cycling around the Nahargarh Fort. This cycling is not just for the sake of adventure and sport, but also if you are doing so you will get to enjoy the great architectural view of the fort that is a mixture of Indian and European art form. It is said that earlier this fort was haunted by Nahar Singh Bhoomia, who was the actual king of this fort. It is said that the king’s spirit was not happy with this construction. Later on, it was dedicated to him only by the then king Jai Singh and after that, the former king left the palace. So, not only the view one can even explore the place if interested in history and culture.

2. Shop till you drop

The thing that we will suggest you do, is every person’s favorite and that is shopping. When you are visiting Jaipur for the first time, you cannot forget to shop, not just shop, but shop a lot. One of the most popular markets for shopping the real Jaipuri things is Bapu bazaar. In this market, you will get a lot of variety in every possible thing you need or want. You will find that Rajasthani touch in every item that the shopkeepers have. Therefore, when is Jaipur, shop till you drop.

Now, there comes the time of popular places. Here are two of them.

3. Jal Mahal

The first best place that you cannot miss out when you are in Jaipur is the Jal Mahal. This palace is located in the middle of a lake called Man Sagar. The palace does not need much introduction, as those who knew about Jaipur must know about this, but the mention is important as this a place that could not be missed out. Although, the palace looks beautiful all the time, at night its beauty comes at its best. This mix of Mughal and Rajput style architecture is one of the finest specimens of a beautiful art form.

4. Sisodia Rani Garden

People often go to Taj Mahal or other places to witness the symbol of love and eternity. When you are in Jaipur, go to Sisodia Rani Garden which was made and is symbolic of love between the great king Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh and Maharani Sisodia Jai Singh. This garden was once the gateway for the queens of Jaipur. Not just this, to make it completely based on the theme of love, there are decorations done according to the Radha Krishna lovestory. Also, this place is ranked among one of the best marriage destinations of the city.

So, these are the list of things and places that you must do and visit when in Jaipur.

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