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Deeg Water Palace Bharatpur : An ancient Palace in Rajasthan

Deeg Water Palace Bharatpur : An ancient Palace in Rajasthan 

Bharatpur in Rajasthan is known for its Jat glorious kings and their kingdoms who ruled the tiny State till recently. Deeg is a 32- kms away town which came into glory much earlier and is privileged to have a huge royal palace which was beautifully managed and partly inhabited by its legitimate inheritors till the year 1970.

Deeg Palace Bharatpur
Deeg Palace” by LRBurdakOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Headed by Raja Suraj Mal, in the prime days of the royalty,  it was he who mooted the idea of Deeg Palace and materialized his dream into the lively Deeg Palace, in the year 1730. Deeg had been the pride of the Jat rulers of the time. Deeg Palace is a living testimony to the Jat rulers who fought bravely with the Mughals and Marathas onslaught. In a historical battle,  80,000 odd two armies were battered by the local army led by Raja Suraj Mal.  When Raja Suraj Mal moved to Bharatpur, and made it his Capital, it relegated to the second place of the kingdom. Few historians are of the view that most of the stone used was looted from Mughal buildings and made use of in Deeg Palace after their victory. Since Bharatpur and Agra were the nearest places, the developments of these places affected the rule and rulers. Feeling jealous and due to political compulsions, the Deeg had been the centre of invasion by various enemy forces time to time. Fed up, they shifted their day to day activities of the royal clan to Bharatpur.

Deeg Water Palace Bharatpur Entrance
Deeg palace” by Bornav27mayOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

People believe that the magnificent royal palace of Deeg and its campus is influenced by the Mughal architecture and they tried to imbibe the spirit of the contemporary designing. The other are of the view that the Deeg Palace is more appealling and architecturally rich building which though reflects the contemporary era but has  its own footprints.

The Garden of Deeg Palace is so large, beautiful and visually soothing that Moghul designing of the Charbagh Garden stands nowhere as compared to. The designing, architecture, landscaping and the location of the garden all are flawless. The walkways at the center, two water tanks and placement of trees, herbs and lawns all looks well researched.

Deeg Palace Rajasthan

Ample use of jaalis, jharokhas, gates and use of stones and marble indicate to the then prevalent Rajasthani architecture styles. The Keshav Bhavan which served as the monsoon court of the palace is situated near the man-made pond which serve as water reservoir and give cooling effect to the building and environment. The look of the reservoir from the various angles of the palce is simply beautiful. Some special viewers galleries have been designed in Rajasthani style which offer visually enhancing effect to the huge pond. The palace looks aesthetically pleasant with the row of different types of fountains which are no less than the contemporary designs of the fountains. It is said that the King had made the provision that while in operation, the fountains will splash water in such a manner that one will feel the ambiance of rains. Moreover, the technology devised in the fountains was such as it provided natural thunder like sounds while experiencing the magic of artificial rains!

Deeg Palace Inside View

Currently, the Deeg Palace is maintained by the Archeological survey of India and comes under the category of protective monuments of national importance. If one visits the Palace and its Museum, the furniture and the artifacts of the Kings and their families are still preserved in the original shapes. Besides sofa sets, chairs, beds one can see the technology of room cooler which was pulled by the manpower.

How To Reach

Deeg Palace is not far from Mathura, Bharatpur and New Delhi. If we go from New Delhi we can take route via Mathura. If visiting from Agra we can go via Mathura or via Bharatpur. Nearest Railway Stations are Mathura and Bharatpur. Its distance from Agra is 98 kms and from Bharatpur it is 32 kms. Nearest airport is New Delhi airport.

Where to Stay

The city of deeg hardly has a place of stay so better go for Mathura, Agra or Bharatpur which have a plenty of five stars to budget hotels. If your itinerary is limited to Deeg only, you can visit it and return on the same day from New Delhi.

If you feel hungry there, you would feel disappointed because there are no restaurants there. It is advised that you either take packed food with you or better have meal at Agra, Mathura or Bharatpur.


It comes under tropical temperature place and the normal temperatures range in the parallels of Agra, Mathura and New Delhi.

Hope you liked to read about the ancient Deeg Water Palace Bharatpur. If you have any queries or your want to share your experience, please leave your comments below.

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