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Fact Check: This is not filmmaker Sudhir Mishra getting beaten up by police

After the nationwide coronavirus lockdown came into effect starting 25th March, the internet and social media channels have been flooded with videos of the cops that have been thrashing the civilians breaking the protocol. Very recently a video surfaced of an individual with long white hairs who was getting beaten by the police officials.

However, the social media users concluded that this was none other than the popular filmmaker named Sudhir Mishra. A user from Facebook, named Harry Sadhnani, posted this video making a claim that this was the acclaimed director getting thrashed by the police.  For now, the post has been archived.

This particular video was also shared over YouTube as well as Twitter making the very same claim. However, the man getting thrashed by the police isn’t actually Sudhir Mishra. This was clarified by the filmmaker in a tweet.

In his tweet, the director mentioned that he was amused that anyone would think he can take such physical abuse with no reaction at all. He further clarified that every tall guy with white hair isn’t him. In his following tweet, he mentioned that he has never had any issues with the local police and confirmed that the man wasn’t him in any way.

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