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How to get Duplicate Marksheet from ICSE or ISC Board ?

If you have lost or misplaced your High School and/or Intermediate Marksheet/Passing Certificate and you are  Passout from any of the Boards mentioned below, then you can obtain your duplicates by the Steps mentioned in this Article.

(1) ICSE Board (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education – High School/Matriculation ) or

(2) ISC Board (Indian School Certificate – Intermediate )

How to get Duplicate Marksheet from ICSE Board ?

Step 1 : Open the following link : http://cisce.azurewebsites.net/Default.aspx

Step 2 : Click on the Plus (+) symbol on the SERVICES tile (You can find Services at the Top Right side of the Page)

Services ICSE Board

Step 3 : In the Services tile, Click on the link ‘Login to CISCE Service Portal’

Login to CISCE

Step 4 : Register Yourself with CISCE by clicking the link given below which says ‘ Don’t have an Account ? Register Now ‘Register in CISCE

Step 5 : Enter your Email Address, Choose a Password and Confirm the Password & Click on Register.

Register in CISCE Email : Duplicate Marksheet from ICSE

Step 6 : As soon as you click on Register, you will receive an Activation Link on the Email Address you provided. Please go to your mailbox and open the Activation Link.

Step 7 : Now you will be redirected to the user login Screen where you need to enter your Password to reach the User Profile Screen. Enter all the relevant details and Select Organization Type as ‘Individual’. Click on Update Button after entering the information. You will now be redirected to a page with 2 Options :  Document Duplicate, and Verification & Enquiry.

Step 8 : Click on Document Duplicate which will open a page with 4 options :

  • Requests Drafted
  • Requests Requiring More Clarification
  • Requests Being Processed
  • Completed Requests

Also, you will find ‘Add New Request’ Link at the top right side of the Page.

Step 9 : Click on ‘Add New Request’ , Check the Terms and Conditions box after carefully reading it and Click on Next Button.

Step 10 : Now the Applicant Information and Examination Details page will be opened and the details which are to be filled in can be seen on the left hand side of the Page.

Now on the Applicant Information and Examination Details page , Enter the following information carefully :

  • Enter the Full Name used at the Time of the Examination
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Mother’s Name
  • Father’s Name
  • Name of the School

Step 11 : Now you need to :

  • Select the Course
  • Year of Examination
  • UID/Index Number
  • Select the Document for which you need the Duplicate.

Step 12 : Now you will find 2 Options :

Save as Draft : If you are unsure of any information or you some time, You may save your information and fill it later to continue further with your request any time.

Save and Continue : If you wish to continue further right away, then click on Save and Continue. This will take you to the next page where you need to upload the Supporting Documents.

Step 13 : Now you need to Upload the Supporting Documents in order to receive your Duplicate Certificate/Marksheet.

Applications who wish to Issue Certifying Statement of Examination Results/Marksheet must be provide these 2 documents :

(1) A notarized affidavit stating that the applicant’s Pass Certificate has been irretrievably lost, and

(2) A newspaper clipping stating the same (As stated in (1) Above), both in original.

Important Note : The newspaper clipping must clearly mention the Name of the Applicant, the Index Number, Year of Passing, and Name of the School

Step 14 : Now at the bottom right of the Page, you will find 2 Buttons :

Back  : Click on Back button if you want to make any changes and return back to the current page later.

Submit : Click on the Submit button if you finally want to submit your Request to the Council.

Step 15 : Clicking on Submit button will take you to the Payment Summary Screen where you will find the amount which is to be paid to the Council in order to Receive your Duplicate Marksheet/Certificate. Now Click on Proceed button to make payment through the Payment Gateway.

You will get an acknowledgement on the Screen which you can save for further reference with the Council. If you have any further clarifications on any of the points mentioned above, you can contact CISCE at :

Address : Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations
Pragati House, 3rd Floor, 47-48, Nehru Place,
New Delhi – 110019

Phone Numbers : (011) 26413820, 26411706, 30820091/94

Email[email protected]

Official Websitehttp://www.cisce.org/

Hope the Process of getting Duplicate Marksheet from ICSE or ISC Board is now clear to you. If you have any doubts you can contact the Council directly on the details mentioned above.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I was an ICSE student (1995 batch). My name is Anshuman Singh. I tried your way but when I placed my email and password, they showed an error in sending the mail. When I tried to place my email and password again, they showed that the email already exists. Please enlighten. My email id [email protected] is perfectly valid.

  2. Hi Anshuman,

    Create another email address and try to register an account with that email.

  3. Sir, Myself Aman Malik (ISC) batch 2015. Is it necessary to file a FIR to get a duplicate marksheet.

  4. Hi Aman,

    No you dont need an FIR. Though it is a good practice to lodge an FIR for any lost document so that if anyone misues it, you will not be responsible for it.

  5. I have lost my marks sheet and pass certificates of my class 10th and 12th. I don’t remeber my roll number. How can i get the duplicates issued without the phone number?

  6. Hi Varun,

    You must contact the regional office of CISCE.

  7. I have applied for a duplicate ISC pass certificate on Jan 5, 2016 and there has been no response yet. How long does this process take? Is there any particular person i can get in touch with as this is very urgently required at my workplace. kindly respond

  8. Hi Varghese,

    You must call on the numbers mentioned at the bottom of this article to know the status of your application.

  9. When i passed 10th class from ICSE they gave pass cerificate, statement of marks, migration certificate, registration card, admit card and transfer certificate to all students including me but they never gave school leaving certificate to any student. Actually i didn’t even know about that certificate in past and now when i am going to applying for my passport i know about school leaving certificate. So my question is there any document called “school leaving certificate” seperated from above mentioned documents which they gave us? Should they had to gave us school leaving certificate? If they had to gave why didn’t they gave us? What should i can do now? brother its urgent please reply soon. I will really appreciate your help.

  10. How much money did i spend on issuing a duplicte marksheet of class10

  11. Sir can I make my eight passed certificate for myself

  12. Check the article carefully.

  13. Sir after filling all my information i didnt get any tab opening up requiring to upload the affidavit and newspaper clipping. Instead it went to a page of transaction where all the online payment info is needed. Please help as soon as possible

  14. Sir after i had filled all the information regarding myself and saved n continued i did not get the tab of uploading newspaper clippings and affidavit. Please help n enlighten me on this problem

  15. Hi Anirudh,

    When you say ” A newspaper clipping stating the same (As stated in (1) Above), both in original.” does it mean that I have to publish an advertisement in the newspaper that my marksheet/certificate has been lost? Please clarify.


  16. School Leaving is with the School itself. You must contact your school to get your school leaving certificate.

  17. Yes,
    You have to publish an advertisement in the newspaper that my marksheet/certificate has been lost. Do mention as much details as you can of the marksheet.

  18. Hey Anirudh,
    How long will it take before I receive my documents?Will they mail me the soft copy or deliver a hard copy?
    Also do they ask your school for a copy of your marksheet or verify will them about the lost document or do they directly give it to us from their own records?

  19. Hi Mandavi,

    You will get a hard copy after successful validation of your documents. The school does not play any role in this procedure.

  20. Hey Anirudh,
    How do you make the payment?
    Is it through credit/debit card?


  22. sir plz tell how long does it take to get a duplicate pass certificate after applying? its very urgent

  23. Do you need affidavit and newspaper declaration for duplicate statement of marks? These are required only for Certifying Statement of Examination Results I guess. Please confirm

  24. Hi Anirudh,

    Does the newspaper clip need to be in an Indian newspaper? I am not in India, so will it do if I publish the newspaper clip in a foreign newspaper?


  25. PS:Also another question: The duplicate marksheet really will contain all the details of the original marksheet including DoB,right? I am obtaining it mainly for my Date of Birth in it. (ICSE).


  26. PPS: One more Q:The postal address for receiving hard copy has to be an Indian address?

    Thanks Anirudh,

  27. I have lost my icse pass documents kindly guide me the right procedure my pass year is 1981

  28. Dear Sir,

    I am from Bhutan and i appeared the ISC board examination of class 12 in 2005. I have lost my certifying statement of marksheets. I would like to get it through this. It is a very urgent for i am going for my further studies. I would be grateful if Sir would let me know how long it would take for the document to reach here. Thank you so much. Good day Sir.

  29. Gursimran Singh

    Sir, requested for 10th class marksheet but when filled the information and proceed (by save and continue), no such page comes for asking upload of supporting documents. I have done the payment also and procedure comes at (Requests Being Processed) but they didn’t ask for supporting documents to upload. Will I get my duplicate copy of marks or they will ask for supporting documents later?

  30. Sir
    Is it necessary to post a newspaper article if ones pass certificate is damaged by any means .and him/her having a affidavit regarding damage of his certificate ???plzzz reply

  31. Sir, I have done my payment for pass certificate….now how i will get my pass certificate if it comes in my gmail or by post please tell me…

  32. How many days does it take to issue a new migration certificate. Is there any way by which we can get it in 3-4 days as in any emergency.

  33. I salo kandir index No T/4082/032 passed ICSE-2013 from seventh -day Adventist high school,khurda,orissa lost original marksheet and pass certificates at the time of journey from ranchi to khunti.

  34. Sir I have same question as gursimran Singh please tells the answer

  35. i haven’t collected my pass certificate of icse which i have passed out in 2010, so what will be the further steps to take so that i will get my pass certificate, if on any case the school authority might have lost the certificate then what will be the further steps to do?

  36. I have lost my icse board and isc board certificates. Kindly guide me the procedure to retrieve the same.

    PAYMENT DATE 27.07.16

  38. My duplicate documents have been approved. But my question are when I’m gonna get my docs? I’m from Jalpaiguri. How much time it will take for the post to reach me? Are they gonna send the docs through speed post or by normal post?

  39. i have completed my high school in 2006 and i have lost my marksheet during the formalities of passport… now i have to apply for the job. how much time will it take to have duplicate hardcopy of marksheet…..

  40. Muppana sashi kumar

    what is the procedure to place a advertisement in newspaper regarding my lost pass certificate of class 10 ?please help me

  41. Sir.
    I have send my demand draft and it’s been almost a year now. Still I hav’t received yet. I don’t know why so.
    This is regard to issue of duplicate statement of marks. I have attached all the documents as required by your agency.
    This is me passang Wangdi from Bhutan.
    Presently I am studying here in Dheradun. India.
    Last but not the least.. So shall I able to visit ur office for such purposes.
    Do respond me in this regard. It’s urgent.

    Thanking you.

  42. I am a 2007 batch student of ICSE board
    I have lost my School leaving certificate of class 10th and also they have left out my father’s first name. The school is not ready to help me regarding the matter.

    Kindly direct me, I need the document. I would be grateful to you.

  43. I want to say i am Aman tiwari for ICSE board from MPEC INDRPURI KANPUR NAGAR ,i have loss my intermediate and high school marksheet , so plz give my duplicate mark sheet , sir i try to enternet on given steps follwoing but my email id is register on your steps but not given any mail for according to your steps , so plz help me and provide my dupliate marksheet

  44. Sir I have lost my marksheet of ICSE class 10 year 2015.i tried to go through the process of getting a dubblicate marksheet from the council but I am not able to move forward after the step where they ask for terms ND conditions it’s not showing the next button for me to carry on with the next step .Plz if u could help me with this I will be very grateful to you.Do respond me sir it’s very important.

  45. Sir plz tell how much time does it take …coz1 month had been over since I applied nd I did not get my marksheet yet ……Plz reply

  46. Sibsankar Datta

    While applying for upsc examination for positions in Govt. I am being asked to submit ICSE & ISC examination Roll No. My Admit card provides and index number. Is that be submitted as my exam Roll No. or otherwise.
    Thanks in advance.

  47. Sibsankar Datta

    While applying for upsc examination for positions in Govt. I am being asked to submit ICSE & ISC examination Roll No. My Admit card provides an index number. Is that be submitted as my exam Roll No. or otherwise.
    Thanks in advance.

  48. Sir,
    I have applied for certificate of statement of examination because I have lost my pass certificate of class 12th,my status has been approved it’s been more than 7 days ,sir I want to know how much time will it take to be delivered to the address given by me in user profile.

  49. Sir I have done the payment of marksheet but the request is store in draft and no process is there please guide me

  50. can i please get the format for newspaper clipping and affidavit i lost my tenth passing certificate

  51. In newspaper clipping I have only mentioned my name as well as my roll number. My request for duplicate marksheetwill be rejected as I have not mentioned name of school and passing year. please reply asap.

  52. What about the UID/Index Number , it’s mandatory to fill it but I have passed in 2003. UID/Index Number is for students who pass after 2013. I don’t have a UID/Index Number . So what should I put in the website. Please let me know in the comments if you can.

    Thank you this is a very informative article, and I am looking forward to getting my certificates.

  53. hello Anirudh Sir

    i need your help, i had filled all the information regarding myself and saved n continued i did not get the tab of uploading newspaper clippings and affidavit. Please help me on this problem.

  54. Sir , In My 10Th Certificate There Is Name correction What Should be done Regarding This !

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