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How to Register FIR Online in Noida ?

Nowadays, the Police Department of almost all Indian States and popular cities have implemented the Online FIR Registration system. Recently, Online FIR in Noida Police has also been implemented by Noida Police. Previously, we have told you about the procedure to register online fir in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh & Himachal Pradesh. With the introduction of Online FIR registration in Noida, people can now register FIR easily over the internet without visiting the Police Station. After reading this article you will be able to Register Online FIR in Noida or Greater Noida.

At the end of this article, we have also mentioned important and useful phone numbers of Noida Police. You can use those numbers in case of any kind of emergency.

Procedure to Register FIR Online in Noida

Let us now begin with the step by step procedure to register fir online in Noida.

Step 1 : Visit this link to : Register FIR Online in Noida

Step 2 : Enter the following Details :

  • Report to Station : Select the Police Station in which you want to Register the FIR.
  • Name : Enter your First name and Last name.
  • Email address : Enter your valid Email address.
  • Phone : Enter your Landline Number.
  • Mobile : Enter your Mobile Number.

Register FIR Online in Noida

  • Address : Enter your Complete Residential Address.
  • Your Complaint : Enter as much detail as you can about the Complaint(FIR) you want to make.

Register Online FIR in Noida

Finally you need to click on Send at the bottom of the page, to submit your FIR Report. You will be given FIR Copy and the FIR Number. This is the complete procedure to resgister FIR Online in Noida.

Important Phone Numbers & Email Addresses

Nearest Police Station : 100

Women Helpline : 1090

Ambulance : 108

Child Line : 1098

Email Addresses :  [email protected],  [email protected]com

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  1. I submit my report but I havent any email from their side. what to do

  2. I’m from Meerut but currently working in Bangalore for the past 3 years. I came to NCR after a year and after 3 years during summers as i was coming during winters mostly. Its really sad to see the climate conditions and more over it the powerty and crime. This region is one of the most populated places in the world and having said that it should be managed properly. However, what I observed our government is doing nothing. More trees are cut each day, unplanned construction and over it no ways to controal crime. I went to Noida to meet my friend. We are three friends, just stopped at noida sec 28 to eat something. We came in around 20 min and saw that the glass of the car was broken and my bag was missing which was placed on the front seat. I felt really bad as it had precious stuff worth aroung 10-11K and specially my hard disc. Our car was not the only car, there was one more car affected in the same way. We called the cops, they just registered our complainnt and took photos of the crime spot for formality. I registed FIR online but have no hope what so ever in getting my stuff back. I’ m writing this just to highlight condition of the capital and nearby cities. Its really sad.Life and living standard are quite tough here. Well Ill be moving back to Bangalore and not thinking of getting settle or working here after vitnessing the condetions here.

  3. Even I submitted my report but haven’t got any FIR copy or FIR number. Plz let me know what to do??

  4. Aarti Tripathi

    I submitted my complain but I have not received any acknowledgement mail neither any Ticket or Refer no. to follow up. please help me out.

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