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Get on with it! Meghan Markle and Harry should quit despite coronavirus – delay WON’T help

As per the statements coming in from the voters, Harry and Meghan shouldn’t postpone their exit from the royal line which is a gesture to confirm the unity with Crown. On 31st March, Prince and the Duchess had plans to step down from the position as the senior royals. However, after being tested positive for coronavirus, Prince Harry might introduce a change in plans up until the condition eases.

The couple is in no hurry to announce the plans set for the future. This delay has prompted suggestions that the couple can opt to delay their date of exit to show their support and unity towards the Royal Clan. This time is difficult for the entire world and the story is the same for Britain as well.

However, a majority of online voters that participated in an online survey believe that this delay isn’t necessary or even beneficial in any way to Britain at the given moment. From the 4641 people that were surveyed, about 299 individuals believe that it is better if the couple holds in their idea for some time.

However, the ones that believe the royal couple should get along with their plan, mentioned that doing so might help this couple make a bit of difference as the corona pandemic devours the country.


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