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Hospitals Swamped as Italy-Spain Virus Deaths Surpass 17,000

The death toll due to coronavirus in Spain and Italy rose up to 17000+ which has now led Europe to impose stricter measures for restricting the movements of the residents. This will further help curb any potential for a complete collapse of the health-care system.

On Sunday, Italy recorded about 756 new deaths. As per the Health Ministry of Spain, 838 individuals died due to the virus in a term of 24 hours. This was the highest number to date for the country. Both Italy and Span have reported 5 times the total number of deaths that were reported by the Chinese health care officials. Even as the coronavirus outbreak began at China’s Wuhan, it is surprising to see how the death toll wasn’t as staggering in the country when compared to Spain or Italy.

Spain’s ICU patients have now surpassed the total national capacity which was 4400 beds. This has forced the health-care individuals to take harsh decisions on who should get treated first. While officials comment that the infections and deaths are off the charts, the focus is majorly on the risks and suffering in the hospitals.

Fernando Simon, the spokesman for Health Ministry on his briefing in the city of Madrid mentioned that the viral evolution has now stabilized but the major problem is a lack of ICUs to handle the incoming patients.

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