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How to Get BSNL Landline Duplicate Bill ?

BSNL Landline which has millions of Subscribers is still considered the best in India. Apart from the Metro Cities which have MTNL, BSNL operates in every city, town or rural areas. If you are looking to get BSNL Duplicate Bill, you have landed on the right page. Today, we will tell you how to get a duplicate bill in BSNL Landline. Before we tell you about the process to get BSNL Landline Duplicate Bill, make sure you have an active BSNL landline number.

Common Reasons to get BSNL Duplicate Bill : 

There are some common reasons why you would want to get BSNL Landline Duplicate Bill, which are :-

  • Lost/Misplaced BSNL Bill
  • Stolen BSNL Bill
  • Did not get BSNL Bill
  • Any Other Reason

How to Get BSNL Landline Duplicate Bill ?

In order to get Duplicate Bill in BSNL, you need to follow the steps given below :

1) Open the BSNL Portal by clicking on the link below :


2) Create a New Account by Clicking on ‘Don’t have an account yet ?’ . (Note:If you already have an account, you can skip to Step No.5 )BSNL Login

3) Fill up all the Details in the Form including :

  • Name* : Enter your Full Name as mentioned in your BSNL Landline Connection.
  • Email ID* : Enter your Email ID (Make sure you Enter a Valid Email ID)
  • Mobile Number : Enter your Mobile Number & Click on Get OTP
  • OTP : Enter the OTP received on your Mobile Number
  • Circle* : Enter the Circle/State.
  • Password* : Enter a Password.
  • Confirm Password* : Confirm the same Password.
  • Code* : Enter the Code as seen in the Image.

Note : The fields marked with * are mandatory.

4) Click on Create an Account.

5) Now Sign in to BSNL Portal by using this link : http://portal2.bsnl.in/myportal/authorize.do

Once you are Logged In, you will be able to see your BSNL Landline related information as well as a payment option.

6) To Print BSNL Landline Bill, you can select from the options you see in the left sidebar :

  • Individual/FTTH Bills
  • Corporate Bills
  • DID Bills

Note : BSNL Mobile Bills can be downloaded by choosing from the options i.e., GSM Bills, WI-MAX Bills, CDMA/NIC/EVDO Bills.

7) After clicking on one of the above links (Individual/FTTH Bills, Corporate Bills, DID Bills), you need to fill few details like :

  • Phone Number/Account Number : Enter your BSNL Landline Number or Account Number.
  • Email ID : Enter your Email ID.
  • Mobile Number : Enter your Mobile Number.
  • Other Contact Details : Enter your Other Contact Details.
  • Code : Enter the Code as shown in the Image

8) Click on Submit.

That’s it! Now you will get the link to download your Duplicate BSNL Bill PDF Copy. You will also get your duplicate BSNL Landline Bill the Email ID.

This is the complete process to Download BSNL Duplicate Bill. If you still have any issues, you can contact BSNL Landline Customer Care : 1800-345-1500

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