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How to open a Bank Account in Bank of Baroda ?

You must be looking to open a new bank account in Bank of Baroda. Don’t worry as this article will guide you to get a bank account in Bank of Baroda. The procedure to open a bank account is more or less the same in any bank. However, it might differ in few aspects like minimum balance requirement and documents required.

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How to open a Bank Account in Bank of Baroda ?

To open a bank account in Bank of Baroda, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

1) Getting a Bank of Baroda Bank Account Opening Form

First step to get an account in Bank of Baroda is to have an account opening form. In order to get an account opening form, either you can visit any Bank of Baroda Branch or you can download it online and take a print of it. Please note that the form for Savings and Current Account are different. So, kindly ensure that you have got the correct form.

2) Filling the Bank of Baroda Account Opening Form

Once you have the Account Opening form with you fill it carefully, affix/paste your photograph & put your signature wherever required. In case of any confusion, you can always take help of the bank employees or customer service representatives.

3) Gathering the Required Documents

Next step is to make sure that you have all the required documents necessary for opening a new account. For Savings account you need to have Identity and Address Proof documents. Usually people provide Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, Ration Card, Driving License or Passport as an Address proof document. For Identity Proof, most of the people provide PAN Card.

Once you have the required documents with you make sure that you have at least 1 photostat copies of these documents. Don’t forget to self attest these copies of documents i.e. put your signature.

4) Visiting the Branch with Form and Documents

Now you need to visit the Branch of Bank of Baroda in which you want to open your Bank Account. Do remember to carry the duly filled form and all the original documents along with Photostat copies.

5) Verifying your Form and Documents

Once you visit the Branch with your duly filled form, Original and copies of documents  you need to verify them all by showing it to the concerned person in the bank.

6) Depositing the Minimum Balance

Once your form and documents have been successfully verified you need to submit at least the minimum balance to open your new account i.e. Rs.1000 in Bank of Baroda. For this you need to fill up the cash deposit voucher. In the account number box you can put NEW ACCOUNT. The cashier will keep your documents and form and will give you the cash deposit slip. You will be intimated by bank that when do you need to collect your bank passbook, atm card and other documents.

7) Collecting your Bank Passbook and Other Documents

Finally, you need to visit the bank with your cash deposit slip and collect your Bank Passbook, ATM Card, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and other documents for which you have applied.

This is the simple process to open a Bank Account in Bank of Baroda. If you have any confusion or queries, you may leave your comments below.

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  1. After how many days of opening account i have to go to branch to collect my Bank Passbook, ATM Card, Internet Banking kit?

  2. Hi Saurabh,

    You will be getting the Passbook on the same day or max in 1-2 days after you open the account. You can also collect the ATM Card with your passbook. If you want a personalized ATM Card with your name on it, it will take about 10-15 days. Internet Banking Kit takes about 7-10 days to arrive at the bank.

  3. I hv lost my passbook of bank of baroda.. In hoe many days i ll get new passbok aftr req for new one

  4. Hi Radhika,

    You can get your new Passbook immediately from your home branch.

  5. nikita chaudhary

    I want to knw that it is compulsory to we HV a granted person in process of opening the new bank account

  6. Hi Nikita,

    It is mandatory in government banks.

  7. Which type of atm card is provided by the bank of baroda,i want to know that i have just ticked the atm cum debit card option but i dont know which type of card they will give me like visa master card or rupay??

  8. Hi Dheeraj,

    It depends upon your bank. Different banks provide different cards. Like SBI usually provides VISA Cards. You need to confirm this from the bank directly.

  9. i want to fill my bob bank from for saving account for individuals can any buddy please send sample of fill up form so i can easily fill the form ,


  10. Hi Anirudh,
    I just wanted to ask if opening a bank a/c in bank of baroda is valid for passport proof of my wifes for her new address.

  11. Hi Chubasco,

    Yes, It will be accepted as a proof of address. However, there should be some cash debits and credits before you present the bank passbook at the passport office. A blank passbook will be rejected.

  12. chubasco conceicao

    ok thanks.

  13. Hi Anirudh,

    Basically I am from Nagaland and I want to open an account, so could you please help me what are the documents required.

  14. how many days time taken bob open ‘s account

  15. I have lost my cash deposit slip given by bank of Baroda.Can i get my passbook and Atm without it?

  16. Hello anirudh,
    I only want to know that after opening my account and submitting all the documents in bank. i go to collect my passbook and they said that your account is not opened and there will be a welcome letter come to your home after which account is opened.
    is it true or they are making fool of me…

  17. Hi Aman,

    They are right. Some banks like Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda etc have started sending a welcome letter at the Address. As a lot of people used to open Bank Accounts with fake Address Proofs, this step has been added by some of the banks.

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