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Karnataka Cabinet expansion takes place with 25 New Ministers

Karnataka Cabinet expansion takes place with 25 New Ministers

It is already two weeks when H D Kumaraswamy was sworn in as the head of the Karnataka government. But its today only that he finally got a cabinet of 25 ministers. Out of the 15 belong to Congress and rest represents ruling JD(S). But the post-poll alliance of the parties–JD(S) and Congress is not free from dissidence. It can be sensed in both the camps.

Congress’s dissatisfaction is much bigger because of the higher aspirations, due to the number of seats, it has bagged. The new CM has declined the offer of berths to many heavyweights of the previous Siddaramiah government. H K Patil, RamalingaReddy, R Roshan Baig, M B Patil and Tanveer Sait the heavyweights have been dropped which has to lead to a number of protests from their followers.

M B Patil, who motivated the ill-fated move to give Lingayats a separate religion status, has already taken exception to his drop and threatened to leave the party. It is learnt that Krishna Byregowda and Vinay Kulkarni have been sent to pacify him. In Mysuru, Sait’s protestors took to streets where one of his supporters has poured kerosene on himself. In Gadag, supporters of H K Patil have announced they would quit their posts.

It is said that by dropping the heavyweights, the high command has sent feelers of its unhappiness with the local leadership’s perception of the election. The party is of the view that these stands eventually forced Congress to become a junior partner in the formation of the government.

The JD(S) leadership is also facing the dissidence of its cadre. Some staunch supporters of M C Manuguli had laid a siege to former PM H D Deve Gowda’s residence, who happens to be the father of the CM Kumaraswamy. They left for Raj Bhavan after they were told that his name was already there in the list.

In the next stage, portfolios will be announced. People are betting deal on who-will-get-what because these are shrouded in a veil of mystery and is being decided in Delhi and Bengaluru.

Of the Congress ministers, seven, out of 15 are new incumbents. Six JD(S) legislators have got the credit of becoming ministers for the first time.

To keep the disappointment and revolt on the low, both the parties had decided to keep a few options of some portfolios open. Let us hope all is well at that time.

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