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KFC plans to test vegetarian version of its fried chicken in the UK

KFC plans to test vegetarian version of its fried chicken in the UK

Do you like the taste and aroma of KFC, but avoid it since you are a pure vegetarian? No problem. You will soon be going to enjoy the vegetarian version of KFC.

In a recent report, UK based KFC declared its will to offer chicken-like vegetarian options, initially in Britain. Later, the brand could replicate the idea elsewhere.

The company said it will be blending its unique herbs and spices along with few other vegetarian options to give it an authentic chicken-like, but strictly vegetarian taste.

A company spokesman explained that the development of the recipe is yet at an early stage, so nothing much can be said right now. Various options are being explored in their R & D right now, details of which can not be divulged right now.

Meanwhile, it is said that once the recipe is perfected, the fast-food chain will test the recipe with its customers sometimes later this year. It hopes to launch a vegetarian option in next year, very positively. It is reported that KFC is responding positively to a growing demand for meat-replacement products such as tofu and few of the existing soy-based burgers and sausages.

The vegetarian venture of the popular company has been announced in the wake of the British government directive to cut consumption of calories in the country.

As per reports, the UK government has issued guidelines with the aim of reducing the calorie count of some popular food by at least 20 per cent by next five years.

A report points out that KFC UK is hopeful to cut its calories per serving by 20 per cent till the year 2026. KFC is expected to grow as a competitor for Mc Donald’s in other European countries.

At the end of last year, McDonald had also introduced a soy-based McVegan burger to its restaurants in Sweden and Finland. The food chain has earned praise from its regular customers for its product that the customers claim is much delicious,

It is said that in UK, the demand for meat alternatives is rising sharply in the last six years.

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