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Maharashtra Legislative Council Polls: Suresh Dhas wins Osmanabad-Beed-Latur MLC seat

Maharashtra Legislative Council Polls, Suresh Dhas wins Osmanabad-Beed-Latur MLC seat

Mumbai: The NCP (Nationalist Congress Party) and the Congress in state of Maharashtra has recently suffered a major setback this Tuesday. The joint candidature for Osmanabad-Latur-Beed council seat was lost to the BJP candidate. The winning streak was held by Suresh Dhas from the BJP Party who went on to defeat the NCP-Congress which was supported by Ashok Jagdale. He won the election by 76 votes dated 21st May. However, the counting of election votes was actually put on a hold given a pending petition at Aurangabad bench from Bombay High Court. The elective members were the bodies from local self-government. From a total of 1,005 voters about 527 had voted for the Dhas while 451 chose to vote for NCP-Congress party.

As per sources, a major faction of the NCP and Congress voters went on to vote for the candidate nominated by BJP. The result of this loss for NCP-Congress came as the personal setback meant for opposition leader and NCP leader of legislative council named Dhananjay Munde. He had put all his efforts at stake for this particular election in the hope of winning the same. Similarly, this particular setback has majorly affected Pankaja Munde, BJP leader and Dhananjay’s distant cousin who is also the State’s Women and Child Welfare Minister.

Munde cousins are engaged in the turf war of fierce nature in Marathwada, Osmanabad, Parali belt, and especially Beed. The Mundes actually belong to OBC class which is the significant constituency designed for every political party. This is especially true for the BJP party where this turf war actually holds significance when the larger political scenario is considered in Maharashtra.

While talking to the reporters after the announcement of results, Pankaja Munde has acknowledged help from BJP’s partner in the ruling party Shiv Sena government for her win. After this win, BJP’s strength at upper state legislature house went to 19. The Maharashtra based legislative council houses 78 members. NCP is actually single-largest party although they have faced a major drop down starting from 23 dropping to 20 during the term of past four years. Shiv Sena holds 11 seats in the legislative council. The remaining result for five seats was declared dated 24th May. Shiv Sena along with the BJP bagged two seats while NCP just got one.

While replying to the reporters post the results, Dhananjay Munde went on to accept complete responsibility for this defeat. Ashok Jagdale, NCP-Congress based nominee went on to accuse Congress party of “betrayal”.

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