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Microsoft Surface Duo teardown reveals ‘refreshingly simple hinge design’

iFixit has revealed a few insights on a Microsoft Surface Duo, letting us have a look at what is inside the device. A notable finding of one of the team members is that the dual-screen device comes with ‘refreshingly simple hinge design’ in contrast to the ones seen in the foldable gadgets found in the market these days. According to iFixit, the Duo is like a ‘miniature 360° laptop hinge.’

The device comes with two screens while other gadgets such as Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy Fold feature displays which can really fold and likely required a much more sophisticated design for the hinge. Samsung had to even postpone the launch of the original Fold to understand how to make it more durable and keep dust away from the mechanism.

The team at iFixit has further noted that of the two batteries in the device, one battery is bigger in size than the other and that it’s difficult to replace them due to the use of a lot screws and glue. These batteries are not the sole components that would make it difficult to replace. But fortunately, the team discovered that the parts that would not be hard to remove are the rear glass covers and the displays.

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