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Rishi Kapoor again loses temper for criticising Ranbir by a twittereti

Rishi Kapoor again loses temper for criticising Ranbir by a twittereti

When an aging celebrity loses his temper again and again on a social media platform, what he is upto. He may be a frustrated octagenarian, or a bad guy at heart. Yes, we are talking about Rishi Kapoor, the star of yester years in bollywood.

Rishi Kapoor has opened his mouth again, rather typed it out. The actor who often is known on Twitter for his unusual anger posts and outbursts at fans has completely gone out of mind on the popular platform.

In return, the Twitter user Rajat has slammed the veteran on the topic of a trailer of Kapoor’s son Ranbir’s forthcoming movie ‘Sanju’. It is a biopic on Sanjay Dutt. He was of the opinion that the film was a crude attempt to clean up’ the actor’s dented image and that a criminal is a criminal. He was involved in the 1993 bomb blasts, its proved by the court.

Calling him with names of prick and a swipe, the actor shouted at Rajat, saying they are in the entertainment business and not repairing anyone’s image. He also challenged him about the understanding of cinema and asserting that he doesn’t even deserve to see the movies.

Aditi Mittal, Indian stand-up comedian, actress and writer, came to his rescue. Aditi is the first women among a few to do stand-up comedy in India, Aditi has been rated amongst India’s top 10 stand-up comedians.

She exclaimed how media and entertainment websites cover his movies and interviews since his behaviour is quite weird and abnormal.

She wondered why none of the journalists dared to ask him about embarrassing himsel’ during ‘102 Not Out’ promotions with master creeper, called by him to Amitabh Bachchan.

She has questioned the behaviour of the celebrity and asked if this is what is expected from the heroes and if the industry is quiet because he is a celebrity Rishi Kapoor.

Aditi is a known name too. She has written columns and articles in Grazia Men magazine, DNA and Firstpost.com and Financial Times. Mittal is one of the known faces of the Indian stand-up comedy. In the year 2009, she featured in an “Indians only stand-up show “called Local Heroes.

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