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Safeguard Yourself Against 3 Major Air Pollution Risks

Dense smoke settling over the skyline of your city or those coming out from factories’ exhaust or vehicles, this is what our common notion of air pollution is. The resulting misconception that prevails is that it is all good when no such smoke is visible to our eyes. The truth is – air pollution can be invisible and cause severe problems in our lives, mostly health-related.

Although we are quite familiar with the environmental health hazard, not everyone is quite prepared for it. You might have heard the news about the degrading air quality in several metro cities in India. While you must be wearing a good quality anti-pollution mask when going out these days, there are many reasons you should continue with this habit post-pandemic.

Read more about the following air pollution risks to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy.

1. Breathing Disorders

Air pollution is capable of leaving a significant imprint on our respiratory health in more ways than we could imagine. Long term exposure to polluted air can raise the risk of breathing issues. These effects are most obvious in individuals who already suffer from lung disorders. Polluted air, when inhaled, reaches our lungs and impact their functioning. Depending on the levels of hazardous air pollutants in the air, the effect on our breathing capability may vary.

The simplest solution to avoid facing breathing problems is to wear a good quality anti-pollution mask as much as possible. Now that there is also a risk of Coronavirus spread through the air, it is crucial that you buy masks from renowned brands like Nirvana Being. Their product range includes anti-pollution masks like Airific 2.0, which is certified by Nelson Labs, USA, to protect the wearer from air pollutants maximally.

2. Lung Cancer

The mere thought of cancer of any type be a scary thing. When it is particularly about lung cancer, the fear grows even more. Smoke in the air is one of the primary causes of lung cancer. Some researchers say that air pollution can cause DNA change in our bodies, which increase the vulnerability to this critical illness. Studies also observed that the increase in lung cancer rates is associated with long term exposure to breathable particles.

The best method to prevent the occurrence of lung cancer requires a two-fold approach:

  1. Limited the exposure to the polluted air by wearing an anti-pollution mask most of the time
  2. Making your body more immune to this disease with a healthy diet and lifestyle

3. Premature Death

Scientific analysis shows that both long-term and short-term exposure to harmful particles in the air can result in premature death. As per WHO, it is the combined result of indoor and outdoor air pollution that cause millions of premature deaths every year. Over time, these particles impact the functioning of our lungs, on which our life depends.

While you cannot see the micro-particles trapped in the air with your naked eyes, you can prevent them from reaching your lungs with a good quality anti-pollution mask. Keep in mind this small scientific fact before you buy any such mask –

The chosen anti-pollution mask should be capable of filtering out particles in the nanometre range – the size that also encompasses the Coronavirus.

Are Health Effects of Air Pollution Same for All Individuals?

Air pollution does not pose the same level of risks to the health of different individuals. A healthy person who is exposed to air pollutants for a short period may not face long term health problems. But for those who are already diagnosed with a respiratory or heart disorder, even short-term exposure to polluted air can cause significant problems. Similarly, children and older people are at higher risk of health issues because of air pollution.

While the impact of air pollution may vary, there is one common solution or prevention method for all – wearing an anti-pollution mask no matter what. While several types of masks are available online or offline, prefer using lightweight, breathable masks made using advanced nanotechnology. They are designed to block more than 96% of airborne particles and are highly comfortable for all-day wear.

The air around us is more polluted than we can think. It is our responsibility to prevent its impact on our health and that of our loved ones.

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