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Kathak – The Story Telling Dance Form of India

Kathak Repertoire

Kathak is India’s one of the most popular classical dance forms. The word Kathak finds its origin in the Vedic Sanskrit, from the word Katha which means ‘story’ and Kathakar which means ‘the story teller’. Kathak performers enact mythologies and ancient stories in their performances which are a combination of …

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Kathakali : The Mesmerizing Combination Of Dance And Drama


Kathakali is one of the many famous dance forms of India, which originated in temples of Kerala. As Kathakali was patronized by the kings, it developed in their courts and hence is different in structure and details from the other temple developed Indian classical dance forms. The more evolved form of …

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5 Most Popular Dance Forms of India

Kathakali Dance Form, Kerala

India is a beautiful country with a lot of beautiful hill stations to visit, specially in North India. There are a lot of places in India where you can Visit with your friends. Also, you can check out the best street foods of different popular cities of India. There are …

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Madhubani Art | An amazing ancient Folk Art from Bihar

Madhubani Art Bihar

Madhubani Art | An amazing ancient Folk Art from Bihar  Reminiscences of Glorious Past Depiction of a story, in colourful sketches, in a lively manner through mix of medium  is not new. Ancient to contemporary period offers us glimpses where artists used the medium to paint our emotions on canvas and paper, …

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