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The use of Electric Vehicles is all set to triple in two years!

The use of Electric Vehicles is all set to triple in two years

The spiralling cost of fuel prices has made up the mind of a larger number of people to use electric vehicles, instead of those which runs on petrol and diesel.

The reduction in the prices of batteries for EV is an important factor in the speeding up of their sale, recently. Earlier, the prohibitive cost of batteries was regarded as the main causes why EVs were costing more than a petrol or diesel operated vehicle.

Electric vehicle sales are skyrocketing, worldwide, surpassing 10 lakh in the previous year after growing more than fifty per cent from the year 2016. It is estimated that by the year 2020, sales may rise to about 40 lakh units. It will reach more than 2 crore units by 2030, it is projected. This way people will also get inclined towards booking electric car rental.

Although the growth rate of EV sales had been registered high for several years, the situation is changing for a better future, day by day. The use of EV, at almost every country, is growing tremendously, a new report from the International Energy Agency sources pointed out. Electric buses are also being encouraged, with the fleet rising to 370,000 units. The manufacturing base in China has contributed much in the sphere.

Energy and mobility are said to be the important pillars of technological advancement. Both require a different kind of adaptation to meet the economic growth in different regional pockets without compromising congestion and pollution. A number of companies in auto sectors have seriously converted their offerings with the clean fuel where you won’t remain dependent on this fossil fuel, i.e. diesel and petrol.

Now people consider electric mobility as a way to improve the quality of life. But, still, we need to integrate it in vision for smarter cities. These new vehicles need an improvement to the level where you can exploit them to their ultimate. Innovation in their technology, uses and services needs to be augmented radically. A simple thing like charging stations are still in their infancy and fewer in numbers. They too need to change themselves as a smarter platform.

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