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Three interesting facts about online betting in India

Like most Asian countries, India is home to beautiful landscapes, unique culture, amazing food, and many other things. Unfortunately, when it comes down to online betting, there is still work to be done.

India is one of the countries where gambling is strictly regulated. Depending on which state you go to, you may not be able to participate in any form of gambling activities. In fact, any form of gaming houses is prohibited by The Public Gaming Act.

Luckily, Indian bettors have the chance to punt on their favorite sports and play casino games whenever they want to, thanks to one of the many online operators. Even though each state within the country has different gambling laws, some bookies managed to find a way to be accessible in most of them.

With that being said, let’s check out a few interesting facts about the online betting industry in the country.

1. Online bookies and casinos are accessible in the country, thanks to their international license

Since online betting is heavily regulated, most gambling websites can’t obtain a license from India’s controlling authority. Hence, you might have to spend a lot of time finding an operator that can be accessed within the country. The good news is that you can check the list with the best online casinos and bookies for India, where you will find multiple betting companies that give punters the chance to punt on sports, play casino games, and use different promotions.

Besides the operators that accept players legally, some websites use their permit from a specific gambling commission that allows them to be accessible in many places, including India. Before you choose one of those websites, it is essential to remember that you won’t be able to ask your local gambling authority for help if something goes wrong. This means that you have to rely on the commission that issued the license (typically, it is based in Curacao or Malta, but there are some exceptions).

2. Some websites will offer special payment options that are only popular in India

Even though some sites might allow you to try some of the things they offer for free, you will have to make a deposit sooner or later. This is when you realize that every gambling operator has a different selection of deposit and withdrawal methods.

Most brands try to include options that can be used in most countries (digital currencies, e-wallets, etc.), but in some cases, you may find unique payment methods that are only available to Indian players. The best thing about them is that they probably won’t have any additional fees and will allow you to fund your account in a jiffy.

3. Usually, online bookies and casinos have amazing customer support services

India is one of the countries where online betting is becoming more popular by the day. Therefore, the vast majority of bettors don’t have a lot of experience, so they often need to contact the customer support department for help. Accordingly, some of the leading betting platforms have hired experienced customer support representatives that have the required knowledge to help inexperienced punters.

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