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Tik Tik Tik Review: A Sci-fi thriller which gets through by a magician’s help

Tik Tik Tik Review- A Sci-fi thriller which gets through by a magician's help

Tik Tik Tik is a Tamil sci-fi thriller which displays the intrigues inside a space station whereas a nuclear missile can destroy the rogue asteroid. The top officer of the particular space station was already at loggerheads clandestinely with India. So, they make sure to take the service of a local magician to go into space and thus save the lives of lakhs of fellow Indians citizens.

The director of the movie, Shakti Soundar Rajan works here on a theme which hasn’t been taken care of in Tamil cinema in recent times. Known to be an innovative space film Tik Tik Tik gets it to the clue from the Defense Space Division team (DSD), where Mahendran is working on the top slot. An asteroid seems to be on its way to earth which is expected to hit the planet in seven days. It will jeopardise the lives of four crore people. They try to destroy the asteroid heavy missile

But in the minimal time, they have an option to get the missile through some illegitimate means. Considering the gravity of the situation, the team goes ahead with this mission. The Prime Minister, Home Minister and Defence Minister are aware of this mission. The challenge for them is to obtain it from a secret vault kept on a Chinese ship, which is hovering in the space. The team opined that their expertise on space science isn’t enough for the operation. They were in need of some smart people who can act fast.

They enrol artist Vasu and his friends, Venkat) and Appu, to ensure the same. Two efficient members from the space organization, named as Swathi and Raghuram too joins them.

Before they set out to space for the mission, Vasu gets a threat from an unidentified person just as they will take off. He is asked to assign the missile as per the instructions that he could ensure the safety of Ravi and his son, safe. The movie answers the question… Will the team overcome odds, get the missile and thus will be able to save the country?

The film displays a new experience of sci-movies to the Tamil audience. Though there are shots where you feel it could have been done in an excellent way but the crew has done a nice job.

It is more appreciable when we know the budget and the time involved in the making was very less. The screenplay, though is quite predictable and the challenges which the hero of the movie face and the manner of their winning spree aren’t very convincing at some places.

The fast and logical scenes were needed in such a movie too. A little twist towards the end and a few loopholes also result in the hindrance of the events. The small and light-hearted comic scenes and dialogues for the characters Venkat and Appu tries to dilute the otherwise tense mood of the film.

On the whole, Tik Tik Tik is an interesting movie which could have been more effective. But considering the innovativeness of the types, the attempt is appreciable.

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