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Top 5 Nightclubs in Indore to Party like Crazy

In vogue with the youth crowd, the pubs and lounges in Indore are the best place to be, if you are looking out for a really fabulous time at night. They have ample seating areas and indoors usually turns into a fun dance floor on the weekends. Tantalizing cuisine, finest gourmet delicacies and the richest drinks are served in the Indore clubs. Explore the happy hours and swing through the best drinks with non-stop music letting euphoria take over in the top 5 Indore clubs listed below.

Top 5 Nightclubs in Indore to Party like Crazy

Let’s scan the list of nightclubs of Indore city.

1) F Bar & Kitchen

F Bar & Kitchen, Indore
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One of the best nightclubs in Indore, Indore’s F Bar & Kitchen is the best option for night-outs in Indore, where club-nights with well renowned DJs and artists are usually organized for the crowd. Indore’s F Bar & Kitchen is famous for its al-fresco seating along with a pool and huge atrium-like space in the centre. For the one’s who want to enjoy some great groovy, eclectic ambience with a great bar, DJ station and well designed dining areas and dance floor this is not to be missed.

2) Calypso Club & Lounge

Calypso Club & Lounge, Indore
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Calypso is one of those night clubs in Indore with bar Located in C21 Mall, Vijay Nagar, Indore that serves great Finger Food as cuisine. Being the best place to hang out with friends and taste the lip smacking food, Calypso has been a vital element of the nouvelle culture of Indore that has witnessed an ‘audio-transformation’. It is a great club in Indore to enjoy its nightlife with your gang of friends.

3) Vidorra – EGO The Club

Vidorra - EGO The Club
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Indore’s biggest rooftop lounge with one of the best dance clubs in Indore, Vidorra has breath-taking panoramic views of the city from the tenth floor of a huge commercial complex of Indore right in the heart of the city. It is also combined with a big nightclub called the Ego which has a great ambience.

4) Victoria Club & Lounge

Victoria Club & Lounge, Indore
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One of those night clubs in Indore with a great retro-decor restaurant and elegant lounge to give you the royal and luxurious feel. It also has a modern nightclub or disc. The restaurant serves Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisines with an additional kid’s menu too.

5) Mustang Lounge

Mustang Lounge, Indore
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It is a rooftop restaurant with a lounge serving great food and a pub with premium alcohol and  snacks. Its cool ambience with an awesome in-house DJ is impeccable and makes it one of the best clubs in Indore India. Mustang has the most generous ‘Happy Hours’ in Indore too.

With contemporary decor, creative cocktails, amazing global cuisine and incredible music there are many clubs in Indore that are ready to welcome you with a blast of surprise. Too many outsiders have a misconception that Indore lags a rocking nightlife as compared to the other cities in India and trust us they are wrong! These listed clubs proves that and all you have to do is go enjoy and explore the nightlife in Indore and see the plethora of options it has in store for you!

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