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Using the Hair Dryer Correctly: A Comprehensive Guide

Wintertime means dryness and, this is when the lack of moisture and the temperature imbalance affects your hair and makes it frizzy, and unmanageable.

However, if you are wondering winters are just for frizzy hair, that’s not true. Winters are also meant for parties and festivities that make planning a salon visit difficult for you. The question is how you can come out safe from the situation and have gorgeous hair. Well, the answer is getting your hands on a hair dryer.

Although using a hair dryer has no science hidden behind, however, there are a few facts that can help you ace the process of drying your hair. Following mentioned is a comprehensive guide on how to blow-dry your hair the right way.

1. Prep Hair with a Heat Protectant

No matter whichever hot styling appliance you choose even if it’s a hair dryer, using a heat protectant is essential. A protectant seals the cuticles of the hair, keeping them safe from losing moisture and elasticity because of direct contact with heat. You can also consider using pre-drying smoothing products that will encourage smoothness, all you have to do is just put some of the amount of the product and then blow the heat.

2. Invest in a High-Quality Hairdryer

This tip may sound cliched, but most of us are guilty of expecting low-quality tools to do a high-quality job and have always been disappointed.

According to stylists, investing in a professional hair blow dryer will make all the difference you have been looking for. One such expert tool is the VEGA Insta Look 1400 W Hair Dryer that comes with three heat-speed settings. It is light-weighted and has a foldable handle, making it easy to store and carry wherever you go.

3. Move Hair Dryer Against the Scalp

You might think that blow-drying hair means drying it as quickly as possible without paying attention to technique, but you’re mistaken. Using a hair dryer in this way can produce frizz and flyaways. Make sure you are using the hair dryer away from the scalp slowly moving downwards. In this way, you’ll be able to dry your hair without getting them damaged.

4. Start with the Lower Sections

While using a hair dryer, we usually set it to the highest temperature setting. This way, your hair is exposed to immense heat that maximizes destruction. In order to avoid the damage, try starting with a lower temperature by first aiming the hair at the back of the neck and, make use of the hair clips to divide the sections of the hair and ease up the process.

5. Choosing the Right Brush is the Key

The type of brush you use has a major role in creating a frizz-free and smooth hairdo. You should either use a boar-bristle brush or ceramic round brush for the most manageable results. Also, it depends on the brand you are trusting. Labels like VEGA have a wide selection of hair brushes to choose from, all you have to be careful about is, selecting a brush that suits your hair type.

With these tips, you can get rid of frizzy hair during winters. It just requires the best hair dryer and learning the right technique to use it. Do not wait, and check VEGA online store today!

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