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What is Bharat QR?

Ever since demonetisation, the country has witnessed a surge in the number of cashless payment alternatives. This included shifting to credit card and debit cards, and UPI payment methods as well. As a result, a standard Quick Response (QR) code platform called BharatQR, was launched in 2017. It enables merchants to use QR codes to accept payments from customers no matter what the payment mode is.

Amidst a pandemic, a touchless cross-platform payment system like the Bharat QR app is even more relevant. This is due to an emphasis on virus safety measures such as reducing common touch surfaces to increase sanitation. Naturally, many shops and financial institutions like IndusInd Bank are slowly providing a range of cashless payment options, including Bharat QR (BQR).

Wondering what is Bharat QR all about? Let us take a quick look.

What Is Bharat QR?

Briefly put, Bharat QR is a person to merchant (P2M) mobile payment solution, where you can make payments without transaction charges. It allows buyers to pay by scanning a QR code at merchant locations. This means there is no requirement to share transaction credentials to facilitate the payment process. Hence, the BQR facility makes payments a lot quicker and hassle-free.

Now, you might be wondering if there are other QR-based payment modes like the UPI available in the market, what sets the Bharat QR app apart. Read further to find out.

The Need for Bharat QR

In contrast to UPI-based QR scanning services for P2P (person to person) and P2M like BHIM QR, Bharat QR was specifically developed for P2M transactions. The payments here are made by cards like debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards etc. What’s more, Bharat QR is a secure mode of payment. Since payments are made by scanning QR codes, you don’t risk disclosing payment information as well.

How Does the Bharat QR System Work?

To make a payment, the cardholder must download their bank’s QR enabled mobile app. The app usually links your bank account or card details to enable transactions. Once set up, all you have to do is scan the BQR code at the merchant store via the app and select a mode of payment (via UPI or card). As soon as the transaction is processed, the money is deducted from your account, and both you and the merchant get confirmation if the transaction is successful.

Things to Note Before Linking Your Card to the Bharat QR App

  • You must enable your bank account on the Bharat QR app.
  • You can only link multiple cards in a single app if they belong to the same app.
  • Your bank account must allow mobile banking to make payments using Bharat QR facilities.
  • For authentication, ensure your contact number in the Bharat QR system is the one registered with your bank account.


Now that you know what Bharat QR is, it makes P2M payments faster, easier, and more secure through a QR-based system. Many banks provide various benefits on using Bharat QR for payments. For instance, IndusInd Bank provides cashbacks of different ranges for different transactions. Additionally, setting up your bank account to facilitate transactions is convenient too. So, enjoy hassle-free transactions by using Bharat QR today!

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