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Which are the most popular sports in India that you will find on every online bookie?

People from every part of the world love sports, and India is no exception. Currently, this is the second-biggest country globally in terms of population, which makes it one of the most attractive for everyone who wants to have a successful business.

Although the country is yet to open itself to the iGaming industry, many world-class online bookmakers found a way to allow Indian bettors to wager on their favorite sports. Speaking of sports, let’s check out which are some of the most famous sports in the country because you will find them on every gambling platform.


Usually, football is always the most popular sport within a country, but India is an exception because the country loves cricket. So, no matter which of the best sportsbooks online in India you go to, you will have the chance to place a bet on this incredible sport.

Cricket plays a massive role in the country for many reasons. Besides having the best national cricket team in the world, India also has really strong domestic competitions. Perhaps the most popular one is the Indian Premier League, often regarded as the biggest cricket league in the world. Needless to say, this makes it a popular betting option for new and experienced punters.

Despite being the most popular sport, cricket isn’t India’s national sport. This honor goes to Field Hockey, which also has loads of fans.


The second place on our list after cricket goes to football, which is the biggest sport in the world, especially when it comes down to online betting. Every top-rated bookmaker has hundreds of markets, lucrative odds, and special promotions that can be used on some of the hottest football events.

According to some sources, football became popular in India in the nineteenth century, thanks to the British soldiers. The first football club in the country was Calcutta FC, which was created in 1872.

People who want to bet on football in India should watch the Indian Super League and the I-League. India is one of the few places around the world that has two valid football leagues.


This sport is unique to some Asian countries, including India, which is why you won’t find it on some sports betting websites. Nevertheless, it provides loads of betting opportunities, so we expect to see it a lot more often in the future.

Kabaddi is considered a contact team sport, where two teams consisting of 7 players go up against each other. Although cricket and football are more popular than this sport, kabaddi is regarded as the “state game” in several states in India, such as Punjab, Kerala, Telangana, Maharashtra, and so on. This also happens to be the national sport in Bangladesh.

Another intriguing fact about Kabaddi is that the sport has two disciplines. The first one is called “Punjabi kabaddi”, whereas the second one is known as “standard style”. The latter is probably more popular because this is the “style” used in many professional leagues and international competitions.

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