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10 Best Places to Visit in Delhi NCR at Night

Delhi may not be that popular for its night life but there are a few options where people from Delhi NCR could feed themselves even at late nights. So, whether its a small all night dhaba or a hut serving various chicken dishes and beer, there’s something for everyone.

Go check out the best places to keep your tummy full all through the night!

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10 Best Places to Visit in Delhi NCR at Night 

1. Little Owl Cafe, Noida

Little Owl Cafe, Noida
PC : http://www.burrp.com/

This popular spot in Noida is open almost all through the night. They serve regular night dishes like Maggi and sandwiches. You can also get hookahs here if you’re into that. Little owl Cafe is located at Sector 18 Metro Noida.

Timings – Almost 24/7

2. Shivaji Stadium

Shivaji Stadium at Night

If you are around Shivaji Stadium, you must not miss out this place around Shivaji Bus Stand where you get the most delicious food at night. If you like Parathas, you must not forget to have a visit to this place.

Timings – All night (24X7)

3. The Booty Call, Satya Niketan

The Booty Call, Satya Niketan

This place is starts from 9 pm and is quite popular for its mouth watering pasta, burgers, sandwiches etc. You can also get home delivery till the morning and can also serve additional things like medicines, cigarettes or anything else.

Timings – 9 pm to 8 am

4. Convergys Dhaba, Gurgaon

Located just opposite to Cyber City in Gurgaon, Convergys Dhaba is a real treat to all and is open all through the day and night. It serves all kind of stuff which you normally get at a Dhaba, from chicken recipes to all sort of parathas.

Timings – 24/7

5. Ganga Dhaba, JNU

Ganga Dhaba, JNU
PC : http://hangouts.co.in/

This place is very famous in JNU where you can get usual food items like Samosas, Parathas, Bread Rolls etc. It is open all the time, whether its day or night. Also, this place is quite safe to chill and for your midnight food cravings.

Timings – 24/7

6. Moolchand Paranthe Wala, Near Lajpat Nagar

Moolchand Parathe Wala, Lajpat Nagar
PC : http://bellycentric.in/

For those who are located around Lajpat Nagar, this place is the best place to have late night parathas and tea. For people of South Delhi, this place is a 24X7 spot for your taste buds.

Timings – All night

7. AIIMS Paranthe Walla

AIIMS Parathe Wala
PC : http://www.toplistnow.com/

Located just opposite to AIIMS, near the Safdarjung Hospital gate and reach the all night paranthe guy, to have awesome stuffed paratha with onions & potatoes. This place is a lovely hangout place, especially at night.

Timings – 24/7

8. Comesum, Nizamuddin Railway Station

Comesum, Nizamuddin Railway Station

Comesum is located at Nizamuddin railway station and Rajiv Chowk metro station. It is a popular place by now for delicious meals throughout the day and night. It is considered as a family restaurant with good lighting and a safe vibe.

Timings – 24/7

9. Patel Chest Chai Wala, North Campus

Patel Chest Chai Wala, North Campus

A perfect way to overcome your late night hunger cravings is to be at the spot called Patel Chest. If you want to have some tasty eggs, Maggi, chai and other foods you need to be at this place.

Timings – Open till 5 in the morning

10. Murthal, NH 1, Haryana

Murthal, NH 1, Haryana

This place is where every Delhi boy wants to drive to after a few drinks down. Murthal has a wide range of dhabas which offer amazing food and drinks to add to it. If you are in Delhi, this 1 hour drive is worth a shot.

Timings – All night

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