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Top 10 NGOs in Delhi

Donations and some formal funding that is primarily run by volunteers for a good cause usually fund non-governmental organizations or NGOs that are diverse groups and are engaged in a wide range of activities. NGOs in India have never got the kind of status that they deserve. Given a large number of NGO-related scams involved in India, the public is quite cynical, but it would be unfortunate if we do not acknowledge the hard work NGO volunteers put in to fill the gaps that the Government couldn’t.

Top 10 NGOs in Delhi
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Top 10 NGOs in Delhi

All the NGOs in Delhi are doing quite well, but there is a list of top 10 NGOs in Delhi for internship or any other kind of association :

1) Smile Foundation

Founded by a group of corporate professionals in the year 2002, Smile Foundation, a Delhi-based NGO was started to bring out positive changes in the underprivileged children including their families and communities around. The foundation strives to provide a sustainable living to the needs and ensures that they are living in a protected surrounding and this NGO in Delhi is for internship. They make sure that the hope still lies in the young hearts of the children. They have won awards and have got recognition around in the country, but they believe that nothing can be a deed to help children that are lost in their underprivileged childhood.

2) Teach for India

This NGO in Delhi is for students as it is a nationwide movement started by young college students along with a few educationists who aim at eliminating education inequality within India. With the top professionals and alumni working for this cause treat students like their world. They provide fun filled and lively surrounding to the children and believe that the first step for a bright nation is by education.

3) Sakshi

Active for more than 18 years, Sakshi places major focus on community development, education and fields of health. They have launched and been successful large number of projects and aim for making the society better and a step towards a developed nation. The NGO in Delhi for volunteering has achieved many awards and has regular media coverage. Their initiatives are truly inspiring for each one.

4) Plan India

This NGO in Delhi near CP carriers a vision where all children understand their rights and status in the potential societies. Their aim is to enable the deprived side of the society to meet basic human needs and enjoy the benefits. Plan India has been successfully fighting poverty for the last 35 years. They strive to provide various opportunities for people who are really in need and have world class quality management systems along with being awarded the ISO 9001:2008.

5) Centre for Urban & Regional Excellence (CURE)

CURE mainly works with the poor communities and local governments to provide basic amenities to those who are deprived of it. The NGO in Delhi for teaching is popular and their common themes include public sanitation, water supply, health nutrition, food to poor, education, etc. They educate people on the basic hygiene one needs to maintain for a healthy living and all he basic understanding of rules of urbanization.

6) Sightsavers India

Sightsavers is an international organisation that works with partners in over 30 countries to eliminate avoidable blindness, and fights for the rights and needs of people who are visually impaired or blind. 

Sightsavers, which is present in India since 1966, works to:

  • Help blind people see
  • Prevent others from going blind unnecessarily
  • Bring about equality for people with disabilities
  • Support people to live independently if their sight loss can’t be undone

Visit website: www.sightsaversindia.in

7) Circle of Animal Lovers

This NGOs in Delhi is for animal lovers and provides shelter and favorable conditions to abandoned animals and help them recover mentally as well as physically. Amongst all, it is one of the most dedicated organizations. They believe that animals have their own way of expressing pain; anger, happiness and the foundations understand them. They are also registered with the Registration Act 1860, a non-government, non-profit, charitable trust and animal welfare organization. Animal lovers must think of joining this one. This NGO in Delhi for environment is also a part of the animal lover association.

8) Deepalaya

The NGO aims at creating a society that is based on equity, rights, special sensitivity and honesty. They work with urban and rural poor people specially with children and women and are also certified non-government association, ISO 9001:2008. The NGO in Delhi working for women’s rights is doing quite well.

9) Care India

A lot is heard about women empowerment in India, but one such NGO that works solely in women empowerment is Care India. This NGO in Delhi for girl child isto mainly place their focus on girls and women because of the discrimination, poverty, abuse, and violations and believe that one should be aware of their rights. The NGO has been working for 60 years and continue working with dedicated efforts to make this world a better place for women.

10) Helpage India

Remember those times you held elders hands to cross roads? Unfortunately the children grow up and leave hands of their elders who turn quite old, due to various selfish reasons. Helpage India, a leading foundation in India has become a voice for elders. Established in 1978, they provide a homely surrounding for senior citizens who feel neglected by their families and society.

Apart from the top 10 NGOs, here is one more addition to the list.

11) Goonj

As the name suggests, Goonj is the voice that works in strengthening the rural India. The NGO in Delhi for education meets their beliefs and values would inspire you and leave you astounded. They have gone through times where there is lack of sponsors, but they never lack in doing great efforts for the rural society. They turn the re-usable material into valuable sources and the association has earned a lot of appreciation since it began.

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