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8 Markets in Delhi Open on Monday

When it comes to shopping people prefer to do it on the Sundays and holidays as they are free mentally as well as physically on these days. But there are times when one needs to do shopping on other days too. Monday is one day when all the major markets in Delhi are closed. This makes it a problematic situation for people who either have their off on Mondays or desperately need to shop on Monday due to reasons like wedding, party or just like that. More shopping on Monday has its own advantages as there is less rush in the markets. So here is a list of all the markets in Delhi where one can shop to their heart on Monday.

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8 Markets in Delhi that are Open on Monday


Connaught Place, Delhi

It is the major big market of Delhi which is open on Mondays but closed on Sunday. It is a large horse shoe shaped market which was once the biggest market of India. There are many shops, designer showrooms, branded shops of all most all the stuff like clothing, electronics, furniture, handicraft etc in Connaught place. It’s actually the heart of Delhi for shopping. Along with shopping you can sometimes also witness some artists displaying their art in this market.


Janpath Market, Delhi
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Janpath Market in Connaught Place is also open on Monday. It is the best place to shop for souvenirs at the last minute. All the stuff here is very reasonably priced and even without bargaining is priced right but the fun of bargaining is different! Handbags, footwear, watches, glasses and clothes everything is available at its best price. It is not a very big market so it can be easily covered in a small amount of time.


Palika Bazaar, Delhi

It is another well known market which is located in Connaught place and is open on Monday. This place is located underground and has amazing feel to it. There are hundreds of shops here selling variety of items specially clothes and electronic items. Be ready to bargain hard here because the prices are sometimes too much and you must have an idea of what the cost could be if you want to pay the right price.


Sadar Bazaar, Delhi

Sadar bazaar is another major market of Delhi closed on Sundays only. It is best known for selling all the household items. It is even renowned for having retail stores selling best price products and also many stores for kids’ toys, games, invitation cards, electronics, leather items, branded shoes, clothes, towels, replica jewellery etc. There are even many nice restaurants in this market where you can satisfy your appetite after a long tiring day at shopping. Many pure desi ghee treats are available here along with hundreds of locally made candies.


Delhi Haat

Delhi Haat is a market is located in pitampura, was opened in 2008 by the then chief minister of Delhi Sheila dixit. There are stalls from all the states of India selling wide range of regional products. Right from handicrafts to clothing to jewellery to shoe to kids’ items whatever you can think of everything is available here. You can also look out for beautiful Madhubani Paintings at Delhi Haat. It is the best place to look out and shop for different famous products from different states. There are even various multi cuisine restaurants. This place has a nominal entry fee of Rs. 10 per adult.


Malviya Nagar, Delhi
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This market is closed on Tuesdays. In this market you can find all day-to- day items needed for household. There are two markets named corner market and the main market. Main market has all the shops and big showrooms for electronic items, shoes and jewellery. While the corner market can be sought for thrift shopping and a lot of bargaining.


Chandni Chowk, Delhi
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This market is a must visit for all the shopaholics to shop to their heart’s fulfilment. It is the best place to look out for latest and the trendiest clothes, wedding clothes, sarees, jewellery, imitation jewellery, shoes, electronics and anything and everything under the sky. This place is also best known for its food streets that are unique in their own way. This market is closed on Sundays only. Chot bazaar and chatta chowk bazaar of Chandni chowk are also good streets for shopping and bargaining hard with the shopkeepers.


Daryaganj Market, Delhi

It a famous market for books. It is open on all the weekdays and on Sundays they have special Sunday market for books. It is located near Chandni Chowk and is spread in about 2km of area. Most of the books sold here are second hand that is why there is a big scope of bargaining here which attracts a big crowd interested in purchasing books. It is a big market selling all kinds of books; right from story books for kids to books for professional studies.

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