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4 Compelling Reasons to Switch to a Biometric Attendance System

Every company must harness its workforce efficiency to the highest possible limit in today’s hyper-competitive business world. Time is money. It can certainly eat into your profit base if your workers waste time. Hence, you undoubtedly need to keep a check on how your workers spend their time at work.

Technology is a true game-changer that can help companies improve the efficacy of their work. Organizations are now using smart technologies, and it becomes easy to control employee time via biometric attendance management systems.

For attendance monitoring, there are numerous advanced biometric attendance devices in the market. As it is highly accurate and versatile, biometric attendance systems are gaining immense popularity.

Before making a time and attendance related strategy, administrators have a variety of diverse factors to consider. However, in calculating the total working hours of workers, there is no undermining the value of biometric attendance systems. This is the primary reason why companies worldwide are investing in the latest tech solutions for attendance management. It is a must-have asset that can increase overall performance and improve the control of task flow.

If you are still not convinced, here are four reasons to switch to a biometric attendance system:

1. No More Buddy Punching

Because of the illicit practice of buddy punching, businesses lose loads of money each year. Employees conveniently sign into manual registers or automatic check-in applications by entering their passcode for their colleagues. However, biometric attendance systems detect an employee’s specific physiological composition, so only those employees who arrive at the workplace will be identified.

It is the perfect device for stopping staff who are not physically present at the office premises from punching in or out.  There are next-generation biometric attendance devices such as KENT CamAttendance that use facial recognition technology to mark attendance. Not only this, but they also offer features like real-person detection that can easily differentiate between a real person and a photograph and prevent any fraud from happening. 

2. Boost Accuracy

The estimation of time and attendance is a boring and inefficient process that requires a lot of manual calculations. This also contributes to human error and incorrect outcomes. Time and attendance management by biometric attendance systems is easy to handle as they are fool proof. Because each employee’s biometric physiological features are highly specific, there is no risk of data fraud or time theft.

3. Increased Level of Job Engagement

Organizations must care for hard-working workers and reward them well for all their efforts. A Biometric Attendance System ensures employees that their time is correctly measured. They get due appreciation, and bosses get to know that they are putting in extra hours by working overtime.

Employees who work overtime will be given incentives such as an extra day off or financial advantages if applicable. Excellent employees can be distinguished from the average by the biometric attendance system and time monitoring platforms. It is an exceptional instrument that can boost job satisfaction and ensure that a company’s workforce remains highly engaged.

Now that you have understood the importance of adopting a biometric attendance system for your office, there are several types of attendance machines in the market to choose from. However, you should put extra effort into researching these devices and their features before buying one. There are reliable and trusted brands like KENT that offer a touchless biometric attendance system—CamAttendance. It uses facial recognition technology to record the employees’ attendance and offers more than 99.9% accuracy. 

All the data are stored on the cloud in real-time so that HR can process everything seamlessly. If you think that with a new biometric attendance system like KENT CamAttendance, you might have to change your HRMS system, then you are mistaken. This device can be easily integrated with your existing HRMS system and work efficiently to record your employees’ time and attendance. 

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