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5 Important Tips for Buying a New Mattress in India

Getting a good sleep is really necessary to say healthy and happy. However, buying a mattress in India without proper research can give you sleepless nights, if you are not able to sleep on a supportive base. And a good mattress can cost you anything from Rs.5000 to even Rs.50,000, so you will definitely want to make sure that you have chosen the mattress which is work the investment.

5 Important Tips for Buying a New Mattress in India
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In this Article, we have put together all you want to know before you go on to buy the right mattress for you. So, whether you are a side sleeper or you suffer from chronic back pain, this article is a must read for you to help you choose from the option which is best for you.

1. Know Your Size

Its not really necessary that you have to stick to the same size mattress as the one with which you are replacing it. Infact if you remember you bought a king back in the times when your whole family piled into bed for Sunday morning fun. But now, the kids have grown older and you may have a new dog as well. On the other hand, there may be possibility that you may like to downsize to a queen or full mattress which can help you gain quite a lot of bedroom space. Or maybe if you are planning to move out on your own, and it’s the time for you to get something bigger than a twin. So, do remember to think about your present lifestyle before you head out to shop. Of course, to change the size of the mattress means you will need a totally new bedframe, or a new headboard. This could also be a big time for your bedroom makeover.

2. How Firm Do You Like It?

Many of you may not be knowing but the mattress industry does not have a standard measurement of the firmness of a mattress. So, this means “firm” for one manufacturer could actually be “extra firm” for another. So its better to use these descriptive terms as a guideline and not an absolute. This is one of the reasons why it is really important to try a mattress before buying it. Also, one suggestion is  that you shouldn’t assume that a bad back means that you need an extra firm mattress, or a softer mattress will turn out more comfortable for you. As a matter of fact, most of the people have their sleep best on a mattress which is somewhere in the middle, but a bit closer to firm than soft.

3. Talk to your doctor

If you are having any health condition, you must first talk to your doctor or therapist and do what he recommends. We all know that doctors are not the people who can give their expertise in mattresses, but we also know that doctors are well aware of your medical condition and the symptoms and will give you some good advice from that perspective.

4. Pillow tops aren’t for everyone

Light-weight people don’t actually need that big thick pillow top mattresses. the reason being they don’t actually weigh enough to compress the foam in order to touch the underlying support system. On the other side, heavier people actually feel a lot more comfortable with that extra cushion between them and the support system/coils.

5. Have a Generous Budget

A good mattress does not come at a low cost, but remember that good health and a positive mind frame are priceless. While you must never go beyond what you can actually afford – after all, a new mattress wont do you much good if you are not able to pay your rent. If you be precise, you’re going to spend about 1/3rd of your time on that mattress, so make sure you make those hours count. Isn’t it better to cut back on unnecessary expenses, at least for some time, if it means you can have a comfortable sleep, and wake up feeling great? Yes, a good mattress is that much important.

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