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6 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have a Table Fan

Tables may seem small and compact, but the air thrust they deliver can give even the best of ceiling fans a run for their money. No wonder, these fans have been the best buddies of students, office goers and homemakers who rely on these fans for that cool breeze of air that helps them stay focused and relaxed. If you too have been thinking about buying a table fan, but are yet to take the plunge, here are a few benefits that will surely compel you to buy table fan online.

1. It is Portable

Portability is one of the major benefits of a table fan. They are lightweight and are not bound to the wall. Thus, they can be placed in any part of the room. Unlike ceiling fans that are affixed to the ceiling, table fans can even be moved outdoors. Besides, table fans offer a wider reach. With the help of an electrical extension cord, you can use them in the balcony, kitchen, garden, etc. This, however, is not possible with ceiling fans or air conditioners.

2. It is Energy Efficient

Table fans use very little energy to operate. This energy efficient, budget-friendly cooling solution will save you from getting hefty electricity bills during summers. They provide long-lasting performance and their repair cost is negligible. Also, table fans efficiently circulate the air from your air conditioner, boosting its cooling capacity. This in turn cuts down the thermostat faster and you save on your electricity costs. Although the adjustments made to the thermostat are very small, the energy savings are still significant. So what are you waiting for? invest in a good table fan from a reputable brand like Luminous and beat the heat this summer season!

3. It Occupies Less Space

One of the major benefits of using a table fan is that it occupies very little space. Since it is not a bulky device and requires no installation, it can easily be placed anywhere. A table fan is the best fit for small/cramped up spaces (like a utility room or cabin), where installing a ceiling fan is practically impossible.

4. It Comes with a Unique Oscillation Feature

Unlike any other fans, table fans have a unique oscillation feature that allows tables to oscillate 180°. This allows the fan to move in a to-and-fro manner – enabling it to equally distribute air in every nook and corner of the room. The best part is this oscillation feature can be controlled. So let’s say when you have a small get-together at your place, you can switch on the oscillation mode and this will help circulate the air efficiently throughout the room. On the other hand, if you are alone, you can switch it off and enjoy the cool breeze all by yourself.

5. It’s Aesthetically Pleasing Looks Will Spruce Up Your Home Decors

Enhance your home decor and break the monotony of your living space by investing in these aesthetically pleasing table fans. With exotic designs and playful colours, these fans add to the vibrancy and elegance of your home. Unlike traditional fans that come in plain, basic designs, modern table fans come in all sorts of sizes and styles. You can buy them depending upon your budget and personal preference.

6. It Can Help Boost Your AC’s Cooling

Investing in a table fan online could be really helpful. It helps circulate the refreshing breeze from your AC to almost every part of the room. Thus, it efficiently boosts an AC’s cooling. Though a table fan cannot exactly replace an AC, it can definitely increase its cooling capacity and cool the room faster.

So now if you are convinced that these benefits of a table fan make it a necessity for every home, we recommend that you check out the wide range of table fans Luminous has to offer. You will be amazed by the power these compact yet very powerful table fans can deliver.

Happy Shopping!

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