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Australia’s Most Isolated Communities Lock Down to Beat Virus

The Midnight of Thursday witnessed the shutting down of the only existing road to Yarrabah, the place of the most isolated Australian communities. 

Yarrabah is a tropical town in the northeast coast of Australia which is home to remote communities of the country. In order to stop coronavirus from entering the town, people pulled the drawbridge, the only entrance to the town. However, only health workers and emergency personnel, after undergoing a temperature check, are allowed into this native town. Moreover, rangers have increased sea patrolling in order to stop any access by water boats. 

Aboriginal Australians are one of the most vulnerable communities when it comes to underlying health issues. For them, battling with corona spread would actually be inviting death into the community. 

According to Jason King, the Senior Medical Officer, the management of coronavirus spread is a difficult crisis as we are considering a section of society that basically does not have a good response to mandatory rules and regulations. Yarrabah is home to 3500 people residing in 350 homes which can make the infection spread within the community at a rapid rate. 

People of the community are overwhelmed and supportive of the lockdown. The native town is getting a fever clinic assembled  for the purpose of testing coronavirus. 

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