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Best Health Insurance Plans for Women In India

A health insurance policy is a form of insurance that can help a person in the toughest times of their life. We all are aware of the growing inflation in the healthcare industry which makes it quite difficult for a person to avail best treatment on time. So, to deal with all such medical expenses and emergencies, it is advisable to have an investment in health insurance.

Best Health Insurance Plans for Women In India

Being a woman, you must have a few financial and medical needs at every stage of your life. And some of such requirements can cost high and your basic health insurance policy would not be able to cover such needs of yours. That’s why it is important for every woman to go for a plan that can easily cater to all your needs.

Below are a few health insurance plans that are designed especially for women

Apart from free look period, cashless claims and tax deductions the women-specific plan come out with several other benefits as well.

Let’s take a look at a few such advantages

HDFC Life Smart Woman Plan

  • This plan will be there to support you during your pregnancy. It will take care of all the complications and birth of a child with any disorder, malignant female-specific cancers, and death of the spouse.
  • Uninterrupted savings will be there along with waiver & funding of premiums. Periodic cash benefit will be there to deal with unwanted contingencies.
  • Can get the sum assured of up to 40 times the annualized premium.

Tata-AIG’s Wellsurance Woman Policy

  • This plan will cover 11 critical illness
  • It carries higher benefit for cancer
  • It offers coverage against ICU/ICCU, hospitalization, cosmetic, emergency ambulance and many other expenses
  • Offers access to free health helpline, awareness through articles and blogs, personalized health tracker, discount associated with health service, etc.

Bajaj Allianz Women Specific Critical Illness Insurance Plan

  • This plan is effectively offering coverage to 8 critical illnesses
  • Under the same, the insured will get congenital disability benefits up to age 40 for up to 2 deliveries.
  • Takes care of children education and loss of employment cover.

Star Wedding Gift Insurance Policy

  • No pre-acceptance medical checkup
  • Offers maternity cover and newly born baby cover as well up to 2 deliveries
  • Covers prenatal expenses
  • Offers cover against expenses related to inpatient care, pre & post hospitalization, emergency ambulance, specified day-care procedures, pre-existing illnesses (with waiting periods), and non-allopathic treatment as well.

Religare Joy Maternity Health Insurance Policy

  • It will be there to offer maternity cover and newly born baby cover as well.
  • Covers expenses related to pre & post hospitalization, emergency ambulance, day care treatment, inpatient care, and specified pre-existing/named illnesses (with waiting periods).
  • No Claim Bonus (with an add-on).

New India Asha Kiran Policy

  • Cover 11 critical illness
  • Expenses related to hospitalization for the family can be easily covered
  • Covers hospitalization expenses for the family as well.
  • Expenses associated with daycare treatments, pre & post hospitalization, critical care, organ transplantation (organ cost not included), non-allopathic treatment, and emergency ambulance expenses will be liable to get the required cover.
  • It will also offer the needful cover against Personal accident

Note- the coverage and benefits related to above-stated plans are subject to terms and conditions as per the policy’s document.

Go for an effective health insurance policy that can easily go well with your needs and can offer the best benefits in return. It is always advisable to invest in a health insurance plan at an early age so that you can reap many benefits.  The reason behind the same is that when you are in your 40’s, most of the health insurance companies in India can ask you for a pre-medical checkup before accepting your application. If you are suffering from any disease or not found in the best of your health then you might have to pay the extra premium to avail health insurance benefits at the time of need.

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