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Brad Nailer vs Pin Nailer : Difference between Brad Nailer and Pin Nailer

Are you looking for nailers to finish your project at its best condition? Then brad nailer and pin nailer are the appropriate ones in this condition. But first, you have to have a brief idea on these two nailers. You can use these nailers for carpentry work like trim, wainscoting and many others works.

When you have no idea which one you should use where then your project will not be so accurate. Therefore, here I am going to discuss over brad nailer vs pin nailer so that you can further choose the right one for your task and can differentiate between these two.

What is a brad nailer?

It is a common carpentry tool for the woodworker which is also a finish nailer gun. The 18-gauge brad nailer is available and hugely used a nail gun to the woodworkers. It is a tiny gun with an excellent holding power if you can use in the proper field. In the market, you will find different sizes of brad nailer ranging from 2″ to 5/8″.

The tool can hold hardwood together as it has an excellent gauge. Both beginner and professionals can use this versatile tool. For beadboard, decorating and finishing, casing one can choose this tool undoubtedly. Again you can cover trim work and crown molding using it.

Types of the brad nailer

In best brad nailer reviews, you will have two types of brad nailers. Here is a discussion of these two types:

  1. Pneumatic brad nailer:

A lightweight hose provides compressed air to the nailer, and it is the condition of powering the gun. It’s a suitable choice for the workers as they can efficiently use the time without wasting it. Even the work is too complicated; the tool enables you to provide a professional finish work.

It consists of a gun, an air hose, battery, and cartridge. But remember that, when working with this tool should require some precautions because pressurized air can cause harm.

  1. Electric brad nailer:

There is an electric motor for providing the power to the electric brad nailer. It is a heavyweight tool, and the motor makes it heavier than pneumatic brad nailer. You can finish your job faster and efficiently using electric brad nailer than any other manual tool.

Need to take precautions for this tool also as it can cause harm. If you can maintain the nailer properly, then it will give you better work quality in the long run even though the price is a little higher.

What is a pin nailer?

It is the littlest finish nailer and has a thin 23-gauge pin. Size range varies with the brands, but a typical range is between 2″ to 3/8″.  Pin nailer can penetrate any hardwood even though it is too small in size. The hole is slightly visible, and it has a headless pin.

In place of the arch, it holds materials with tensile strength as well as a cohesive force. Workers usually use the tool for lightweight substances. The advantage of the pin nailer is it gives you a beautiful finish. Elements can cover it as it has no head.

Types of a pin nailer

You may find various types of pin nailers in the market. But in best pin nailer reviews, you will see two types of pin nailers. A short description of these two is given here:

  1. Pneumatic pin nailer (air powered):

As like pneumatic brad nailer, pneumatic pin nailers also are run by an air compressor. Also, the air compressor delivers the pin nailer. When you are thinking of working with this tool, you have to consider two factors. The tool requires a high amount of pressure.

You may feel as it needs much pressure, you don’t have to give energy. But it needs more power along with pressure. And the second one is you have to buy an air compressor to operate the tool. As air compressor is in its function, so without it you can’t operate it.

  1. Electric pin nailer:

From the mane of the tool, you can imagine that batteries operate it. Electrical pin nailer is pricier than pneumatic ones. But you don’t need to provide much pressure or energy for running it. So it is comfortable to use. Even if it is a pricey one, but its efficiency is better. Needs less power with long-term work output.

Brad nailer and pin nailer similarities

As these are different types of nailers, a general think can come to your mind that these have no similarities. But brad nailer and pin nailer have some similarities.

You can use these nailers for base and casing, trim wainscoting.

These are the best finish tools for the woodworkers and give an appealing look.

Pneumatic brad and pin nailers need an air compressor. Electric brad and pin nailer need batteries.

Brad nailer vs pin nailer: Functions

If you consider the functions between these two nail guns, pin nailers are slightly more functioning. But greater cohesive and consistent force enables brad nailers to add frames made of plywood as well as hardwood. These hold substances so strong like the glue.

Workers use pin nailers frequently; you can use the nailer for various carpentry works such that casing and base, batten and board, trim and so on. For pre-polished substances, you better use 23-gauge pin nailer because you don’t need any putty. Also, you will find 18-gauge nailer to hold something so tightly. 23-gauge pin nailer can’t do this job.


Both brad nailer and pin nailer is necessary for finish works, so it is usual to get confused over these two nailers. Again the two have different types so you can’t be able to decide which one you should buy for your job. Here I have discussed briefly over brad nailer vs pin nailer. Now, after going through the whole article, it will be easier for you to choose one of these two. So now you need to stay focused on your job when working with a brad nailer and a pin nailer.

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