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Cause of infertility and what are the treatment options available?

Every man and woman in this universe will experience infertility at one point in their life. This is a very subjective line as it completely depends on the individual. Here the factors which care causing infertility can be anything. Right from your sleeping pattern to your eating pattern, it could vary from person to person. There are infertility cases where the problem is the genes. In such a case, we have very little to do. But 80% of the infertility cases which are reported in the year 2017 were being induced infertility. This means, the person was perfectly fertile but due to poor choices of lifestyle, he or she has become infertile. But how do we know what causes infertility? Are you telling me I should not smoke cause cancer and infertility are closely related? These are some of the questions that might pop in your head but we have some conclusive evidence on what are the habits and things which can affect your infertility. They are:

  • Yes, smoking does cause infertility. This is because of the chemicals present in this smoke which has the property to shrink your sperm. Most of the people who were diagnosed with shorter sperm length were all smokers. It also can cause poor quality sperms where the sperms become weak and feeble and would not be fit to take part in pre-production.
  • Drinking is said to cause a lot of bad things and infertility is one of them. When you are drinking, the chemical in it can kill your sperms. Unlike smoking, drinking has a long-term effect and it is said to cause azoospermia, a condition in which there are no sperms in the semen.
  • Obesity is a new addition to the list which people did not care about. In addition to putting your heart at risk, being over-weight also means that it is very unlikely your body is ready for the natural reproductive process. In women, being over-weight not only reduces your chances of conception but also increases your chances of miscarriages.

The above are some of the conclusive evidence for infertility affinity groups of habits. Even if we cannot completely stay away from these we can still keep the amount of consumption smaller. If you are in Chandigarh, then you can check out the fertility treatment options offered by any best fertility center in Chandigarh.

IVF expands to in-vitro fertilization is the most common and highly successful treatment that provides all over the world. If you are in a metro city in India like Chennai and you are visiting the best ivf centers in Chennai, the first thing they would ask to you do is get a fertility test done. This result will let us know the extent of infertility in both the partners. IVF is combined with IUI and ICSI depending upon the complication that is involved. The more you are infertile the more treatment options are chosen. But all you have to remember is the term IVF, IUI and ICSI as hardly other options are chosen to support IVF.

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