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Things to do for faster and healthier conception

There is no shortcut to conception but you can always create a favourable atmosphere around you that can help speed up the natural process. By speeding up what we mean is, you can increase the probabilities of conception as you try for it. There is no fixed duration for one to become pregnant. The time period a woman takes to get conceived varies from person to person. Most doctors advice a young couple to have a lot of intercourse to increase their chances of pregnancy. Study and research show that there are a lot of factors associated with pregnancy and people need to fall under into these buckets to have a healthy pregnancy. Last week, I was going through an article on a couple who went of IVF treatment and seeing the wife undergo immense pain, the husband decided to reduce his weight, change his diet, practiced yoga and meditation and in turn helped his wife conceive naturally. This might sound like a fairy tale but there is science behind this.

  • Being overweight is one of the enemies of natural conception. Men who are overweight tend to be less fertile than the ones who are athletic. For men, their sperm length is inversely proportional to their waist length. The more it is, the shorter the sperms are. Hence give priority to reducing your weight when you are planning for pregnancy.
  • Weight loss should be combined with a good diet. Nutrition is a basic factor for the well being of our body. You need provide your body with the necessary supplements which in turn can assist the body to perform functions.
  • Physical activity plays a very important role. Good amount of exercise is always recommended for both men and women.
  • Smoking is the biggest enemy for your fertility health. A study at one of the fertility center proved that male infertility is very common and then female infertility and the top reason for this is smoking. Smoking reduces the length of your sperms. In people who are chain smokers, the quality of the sperms becomes very low and this causes infertility.
  • Drinking is no good friend to fertility health. Heavy consumption of alcohol is related to cause azoospermia a condition in which there are literally no sperms present in the semen. Watery semen is a symptom of azoospermia.

If you are in Mumbai, then you will notice that most of the best hospitals for delivery in Mumbai provide a pregnancy counselling for couples who are trying for pregnancy. The doctors advise the things they should be doing in order to increase their chances of pregnancy. Always visit the doctor with your spouse as pregnancy is a joint decision and the problem could be with either of you. If you are located in Noida, Certain tests can tell you the complications in getting pregnant and usually these complications can be cured with a couple of visit to one of the best maternity hospitals in Noida or any other city you belong to. Always remember, there is no shortcut for pregnancy. Everyone takes their own sweet time and it is perfectly normal if you take a little longer than others.

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